Buying a mattress is similar to buying a pair of jeans. The rule is, no one type fits all. Everyone has their preferences when it comes to mattresses. What is comfortable for you may not be comfortable for your partner or the other person. That is why we have different types of mattresses available in the market so that everyone can select depending on the size, level of comfort, sleeping position, and other essential factors.

Quality and enough sleep is a necessity for our bodies. It revitalizes our energy, preparing us to face a new day with a refreshed mind. Most of the time spent at home is on our beds, so shopping for the perfect mattress is very important. If you do not know what to look for in the latest mattresses, here are several things you need to factor in before you make your choice.

The size

The first thing that should be on your mind when shopping for a mattress is the size. Even when you walk into the mattress store, the mattresses are grouped according to sizes, and the shop attendant will first ask you what size you want to direct you better. The basic mattress sizes include the king-size, queen, full, twin, or California king. The size you choose depends on the size of your bed and other personal preferences. If you are not sure about your bed’s size, take measurements, and note them before heading to the mattress store. 

Again, it is crucial to think about your current sleeping space and its comfort level. If you have a partner and are fighting for sleeping space with them, it might be an excellent option to upgrade to a larger size. On the other hand, if you think that your bed is taking up much of a space in the room, it may be an excellent option to downsize.

The level of comfort

Mattresses come in different comfort levels ranging from plush, firm, pillow top, contoured, and personalized. When it comes to mattresses, consider your comfort level and not anyone else’s. The most expensive mattress may not be comfortable for you. Factors that influence the comfort level of a mattress include the type of material used to make it, firmness, and the density level. Try sleeping on the mattress and see if it provides you with the comfort you want.

Your sleeping position

Everyone has a favorite sleeping position. Knowing if you mostly sleep on your back, side, front, or frequently turn at night helps you choose a mattress accordingly. For instance, if you mostly sleep on your side, choosing a pillow top or plush mattress can be a suitable option since it supports the spinal cord’s natural curve rather than a firm mattress.

Another equally important thing to consider is any pain you may be experiencing. Remember that a mattress can ease or accelerate your pain. For instance, if you suffer from back pain, you may require a firm mattress to keep your body aligned.

Firmness labels may not be accurate.

Since there are many brands of mattresses, following the firmness labels may mislead you. For instance, one brand’s firmness level may be another brand’s medium-firm level. Again, firmness doesn’t mean that it is your best choice of mattress. You only need enough firmness to support your spine and the other body parts. Otherwise, an overly firm mattress will not support your spine’s natural curve.

Softer is not better.

A soft mattress may seem like a comfortable one, but with time it sags in the middle. Too much softness sags into the spine’s middle area and can lead to posture problems or back pains.

Read customer reviews before you purchase

Purchasing a mattress online provides you with a wide range of options. Plus, you can access customer reviews that help you determine if it is the right type of mattress to buy or not.

An adjustable air bed is a better option.

The latest adjustable air beds are a perfect choice since you only have to adjust the firmness or softness level with remote control. Therefore, they are safer even when you don’t test them. However, most of these are expensive options, and not everyone can afford them.

The bottom line

When choosing a mattress, do not go for what is best for everyone. Choose a mattress, depending on your level of comfort. Note that what the experts hail as the best in the market may not be comfortable for you. Additionally, test the mattress by lying on it to determine if it gives you the comfort you wish to have for the next couple of years.