What to look for when buying CBD Hemp medical Oil

CBD medical oil has become so popular in recent years and it is for a reason. Research shows that it has numerous health benefits and fewer side effects and therefore a perfect medicine for the nation. CBD oil is a compound extracted from the Cannabis Sativa plant species and is known for reducing pain, inflammation, and seizures. It’s also excellent in bringing a balance within our bodies. The beauty with this compound is that it doesn’t have psychoactive properties like Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Due to the amazing efficacy with CBD oil, it is becoming the best alternative for those who don’t want the pharmaceutical pain killers.

However, due to lack of enough regulation of CBD medical hemp oil, and many unscrupulous business people wanting to make quick bucks out of it, it is becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish genuine CBD from the fake one.

Reading this article helps you to identify the characteristics of quality CBD medical Hemp oil

Confirm the extraction method

The cannabis plant is the right origin for the CBD oil. Some companies use cheap methods to extract it. Some use dangerous solvents like; hexane, pentane, and other hydrocarbon gases from petroleum, something which is harmful- who would want to consume such dangerous gases anyway? Such solvents can compromise your body’s immune system and therefore curtail healing. The most effective method of extraction of this oil from the cannabis plant is through carbon dioxide (CO₂). It uses the gas under high pressure and low temperature to separate the oil and although this method is expensive, it is the safest and most effective.  This is a supercritical extraction method that preserves the quality of the oil.

The sourcing

The source of the CBD oil will affect quality.  You need to ask; how/ where was the plant grew, and the species of cannabis. The final assessment of the plant will reflect the climatic conditions and the soil in the location it was grown. The environment under which the plant is grown is critical because the plant is a hyper-accumulator, thus it can easily absorb contaminants from the surrounding. Cannabis is grown in some places for bioremediation which is a cost-effective way of ridding the environment of heavy and toxic metals. It is therefore not easy to tell CBD oil extracted from a plant grown for such industrial purposes.


The black market has led to a lot of confusion especially when it comes to the content of the CBD hemp oil in their products. The burgeoning industry has attracted many shady characters and therefore the quality of these products is questionable. Be careful with the contents of the product that you’re buying. To be sure of what you are buying, choose a company that has a reputation. Most of the companies which are genuine retail the product at a higher price compared to others but you’d rather go for quality than quantity.

When purchasing CBD oil, you have to ensure that the important elements are primed and therefore you expect the product to be effective. The quality product will give you amazing health results. Again, with the right CBD oil product from a reputable company, the THC in CBD will not show up in a drug test.