What is HPA Adapt and How Does it Work?

HPA Adapt is a supplement that helps regulate stress by targeting the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis which is a central part of the neuroendocrine system. Simply put, this lengthily named axis controls the stress resistance complex inside your body.

Whether you’re experiencing stress, anxiety, or issues with sleep, the supplement HPA Adapt may be what you need to add to your daily life.

What does HPA Adapt do?

This supplement provides a number of health benefits.

Just a few include:

  • Alleviating mental stress and fatigue
  • Improving mood
  • Calming occasional anxieties
  • Supporting healthy cognitive functions

The body’s reactions to stress come from the neuroendocrine system. Surprisingly enough, holistic medicine has found natural alternatives to modern medicine like this supplement that successfully aid people in regulating their stress.

How does HPA Adapt work?

Like any holistic supplement, HPA Adapt consists of an array of herbal remedies. Many herbs, flowers, roots, and leaves have natural properties that counteract the body’s common responses to physical and emotional stress and fatigue, like drowsiness or stress sweat.

Here are a few that are in this supplement.

Rhodiola Root – Memory Booster

Common to the Arctic regions of Europe, this root derives from a yellow-flowering plant. Daily intake of Rhodiola root has been shown to improve attention span and memory and even reduce fatigue.

Eleuthero Root – Cope with Stress

This little root is indeed a small, woody shrub, true to its rooty persona. Eleuthero root supports the balance of the production of cortisol, which is the hormone that causes stress. In addition to that benefit, the root helps the body cope with stressful moments.

Maca Root – Improve Your Mood

Native to South America in the high Andes, Maca root has been shown to improve mood, assuage anxiety, and balance libido. The reason being that it is common for many people to experience fluctuations in their sex drive when feeling anxious, depressed, or unsteady.

Holy Basil Leaf – Anti-Anxiety

Not a priestly plant, but a member of the mint family, Holy Basil Leaf can decrease anxiety and stress in those who participate in its daily intake. It also aids the body in its natural response to physical and emotional stress.

Ashwagandha Root and Leaf – Sleep Better

A traditional Ayurvedic medicinal plant, Ashwagandha has so many benefits that it has proven itself to be a key player in alternative practice. In HPA Adapt, Ashwagandha typically supports natural, restful sleep, and helps reduce anxiety.

HPA Adapt as a Supplement

If you’re interested in trying HPA Adapt, Agape Nutrition has a wonderful option for you. One of Integrative Therapeutics’ supplements is vegetarian and perfect for balancing your hormones. Always talk to your medical professional before choosing an alternative medicine. HPA Adapt is an ideal way to relieve stress and prevent future chemical anxieties.