Various types of Online tests and their Benefits

The online assessment is designed to evaluate various aspects of a person like his personality, traits, etc. It evaluates the person on the various skills that are required to perform the job. It analyses if a person possesses the right skills to perform a job, whether they are capable to do the job and to analyze and predict their on-the-job performance. This involves a series of tests that allow us to judge and analyze people. Because it is online, it helps in assessment across the globe and saves a lot of money and time that otherwise would have been wasted in travelling. Aptitude test and various other tests allow assessing candidates objectively.

Role of online assessments-

  • Recruitment: Recruitment is a very important aspect of any institution or organization. It constitutes a very important decision. Online assessments ensure that the right kind of people are selected for the job and they are competitive and competent enough to perform the job effectively. It ensures the quality of people on the job. Thus, the right kind of recruitment is very important, and online assessments facilitate it and ensure its quality
  • Training and development: The training and learning of people are very important. Online assessments help in figuring out what skills are further needed in the employees to help them grow and work better. Online assessments help in assessing present knowledge and what further needs to be added. Training and development are very important aspects of any business. And the evaluation of the right kind of training and development to be imparted is very important. This can be facilitated by online assessments and evaluations.
  • Succession planning: It is unknown what the future has in store for everyone. People and organizations should be well prepared for the future. Online assessments help in assessing the skills of the people and who will prove beneficial in various situations. online assessments help in evaluating behavior, competencies, and skills which are critical for leadership.

There are many online assessment tools for conducting online assessments-

  • Psychometric assessments: They evaluate the behavior, attitude, and traits of a person. They analyze the personality of a person and how it would react to different environments.

Various technical assessment tests are-

  1. Personality assessment: It measures the personality of a person. Personality varies from person to person and depends upon various factors like socio-economic, personal variables. They help in understanding various attributes that make up the personality and how it is affected by various dynamic factors.
  2. Behavior assessment: It studies the behavior of the candidates and what all factors can influence it. It studies how various aspects of the organization are likely to affect the behavior of a person or candidate.
  3. Cognitive assessment: It determines the critical skills, verbal ability, and critical reasoning of a person. It measures the IQ of a person.
  • Technical assessment: These assessments determine whether the candidates have the required skill which is necessary for the performance of a job. Various technical assessment tests are-
  1. Coding tests: They are an in-depth analysis method. They cover various aspects of a test like code, space, and time. It uses various computer languages like C++, java, etc.
  2. Role-based tests: These tests assess if the person or candidate has the required skill to perform a particular job. If assess if the candidate is fit for the job they are aiming at.
  3. Language proficiency tests: Communication is a very effective tool in any leadership. It’s the key to effective work. These tests ensure that if the candidate is proficient in their communicating skills, whether they can communicate properly.

Objectives of online assessments-

  • Assess subject matter expertise: It helps in judging, assessing people on a few qualities, or traits that are required by them to do a job. It assesses if people have the skills that are required to perform a particular job.
  • Shortlist relevant candidates: In an interview many candidates apply, sometimes even those who are not eligible for an interview. And among those eligible, few are deserving or fit the job. Calling all such people physically at the place of the interview involves a lot of chaos and makes the procedure lengthy and detailed. However, conducting online assessments allow the interviewer to shortlist in prior only the deserving and fitting candidates thus, saving a lot of time, money, and effort. It uses video interview software to conduct its interview online.
  • Identify the training requirements of the shortlisted candidates: No matter how much expertise, skills, and traits one possesses, it is required to provide some training to them to make them completely effective and productive in what they would be doing. Online assessments help in evaluating various needs for training that are required to be given to the candidates. It analyses what common skills are needed to be imparted to them and how they would be imparted.
  • Recognize strengths and weakness: Since these assessments allow to identify and evaluate various skills and traits of the candidates. It also allows the interviewer to identify the strengths and weaknesses of candidates and helps them to decide how to use strengths in their favour and how to deal with the weakness.

Thus, these tests are an excellent way of judging a person. These ensure that candidates so selected are fit for the job and are capable enough to do the job. It is a truth that Human resources are the biggest asset of any organization. It is very essential to ensure that this resource is effective. The kind of workforce in the organization can really affect the future of the business. An excellent workforce and take the organization to greater heights. Thus, these tests should be used to make a difference in the selection process.