Unique Hindu Boy Baby Names

Are you confused on naming your little munchkin??  Are you searching for a unique and classy name? Here is the list of best and unique Hindu Boy Baby Names.


If you want to give a unique name for your champ then consider this name. “Advik means Unique”. Gift this unique name to your kid and for the nickname, you can consider “Aadi”.


Bhargav is the finest and spiritual name. “Another name of Lord Shiva is Bhargav”, also Bhargav is the name of Lord Vishnu during his sixth avatar. This name is ethnic as well as unique.


This name may sound like an English name but it is an Indian origin. You can not see many boys with the name of Ceyone, thus making it very unique. “Ceyone means Rising Sun”, and you always want that your little boy would shine like a sun.


Dhruvish is the coolest unique name derived from the Dhruv pole. “Dhruv means Eternal, Firm, Pole Star, and Immovable”. For the nickname, you can consider Dhruv.


This name is the best fit for the spiritual parents, “Eshan is another name for Lord Shiva”.Call your kid as Eshu with affection.


Give a name to your munchkin which means joyful, he filled you with happiness so you can also fill him with happiness. “Harshil means Joyful”.


Ishank is the name that immersed in culture and religion, “Ishank means Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvati, and the peak of the Himalaya”.


Your child will be a gift for you so name his as Iyaan which means the same. “Iyaan means Gift”.


This is another cultural, wealthy, and modern name, “Jaksh means Lord Kuber”.


Jeshan is another cool and modern name which means “clear”, so without any doubt gift this name to your charm.


Jiving the name is getting popular nowadays, and “Jivin means To Give Life”.


If you want your kid to be bright as sun name him as Mithran which means the Sun.


Moksh is a popular and powerful name with deep meaning. “Moksh means Mukti, Salvation” and this name will never go out of fashion.


Nihan, another popular and cool name among Hindu parents, “Nihan means Secret, Hidden, and Goddess Saraswati”.


If you are looking for a short and unique name then Ojas is the best option for you. “Ojas means Body Strength”.


The perfect name for your just arrived smart kid, “Medhansh means who born with intelligence”.


The modern and coolest name “Lakshay means Destination”.


Name your just arrived prince as Kushaan which Dynasty and it was the name of the king.


Are you looking for a non-Indian origin name then Kevin is the right choice for you. “Kevin means Gentle and Loved One”.


Himank is the perfect and unique name for your treasure, “Himank means Diamond”. It is amomg one of the good HINDU BOY BABY NAMES.

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