These days, we have gone from the traditional kitchen that only allowed one person to prepare meals to a multi-purpose kitchen that serves many different functions. The classic kitchen work triangle that separates the cooking stove, the sink, and the food storage area has dynamically evolved into more practical solutions. People are now looking for multiple work triangles or zones to create incredible kitchens.

Whether your kitchen is cramped up or has a small space, you can create an innovative design that allows you to get the most out of the little space. If you want a functional and practical kitchen, your kitchen layout is the most important thing. Check out different kitchen designs you can consider to make your kitchen as comfortable and functional as possible.

One-wall kitchen design

The one-wall kitchen design is the most basic type. It is mostly found in smaller kitchens as it gives just enough space without compromising on functionality. It is made up of cabinets installed on one single wall. It can be shelving over base cabinets or upper and lower cabinets to create an appealing and clean look.

When creating a one-wall kitchen look, have your fridge at one end, the sink at the middle, and the cooking oven at the other end. Your cabinets can go as much further to touch the ceiling area, and you can use the middle space to display the theme of your kitchen.

The galley kitchen design

The galley kitchen layout is also suitable for small kitchen spaces. It consists of rows of cabinets lined up against two opposite walls and a corridor between them. It eliminates the need for corner cabinets and utilizes every available space. It is also known as a walk-through kitchen. It encompasses a very economical use of cabinets since there are no troublesome cabinets to configure. It offers more storage space and eliminates the risk of injuries for multiple cook kitchens.

The L-shaped kitchen design

The L-shaped kitchen design provides a practical solution for both large and small kitchens. It is made up of cabinets on two perpendicular walls to form an L shape. It makes use of the corner space, and the legs of the cabinets can be as long as you want them to be, although keeping them less than 15feet makes them easy to use. That way, you don’t lose the valuable space at the corner. The L-shape kitchen layout provides more flexibility for placing appliances and for work zones.

It is possible to add a small dining table on the opposite corner allowing your family to enjoy the room. There is no traffic, and the kitchen can accommodate multiple cooks.

The U-shaped kitchen design

The U-shaped kitchen layout is made of cabinets erected along three adjacent walls. It is also known as a horseshoe kitchen and is a good layout for large kitchens. It offers plenty of storage space, but it can feel enclosed if you install upper cabinets on all three walls. To avoid such a scenario, install upper cabinets on two or one wall with upper shelving on the other walls.

This type of kitchen allows for multiple cooks at the same time and has a great workflow. Generally, there is an uninterrupted work triangle.

The island kitchen

These days, the U-shaped kitchen design has evolved into an L-shape design and an island completing the third wall. A kitchen island provides additional prep space or may include cabinetry for storage. It can be a place to eat where you can add some stools, a place to prepare food with a sink, a bar, or a wine cooler. A kitchen island turns a one wall kitchen design into a galley and an L-shaped kitchen design into a U-shaped kitchen layout. However, the kitchen has to be big enough to accommodate an island and create a natural traffic flow.

The peninsula kitchen

The peninsula kitchen design integrates a kitchen counter that protrudes from the cabinetry or wall. It is related to the island kitchen. It offers flexibility in a kitchen that doesn’t allow an independent island to be installed. The island turns a U-shaped kitchen layout into a G design and an L-shaped kitchen into a U design. The peninsula kitchen design functions the same way as an island kitchen, but this allows for more clearance in kitchens with limited spaces.

The takeaway

When creating a kitchen design, you are not confined to the above kitchen designs. It is okay to think out of the regular kitchen work triangle to create incredible kitchen designs. While your kitchen floor plan is the determining factor of the kitchen design, you can always find a way to optimize the little kitchen space you have.