Top 6 Tips to Guide You in Glamour Photography Sessions

Glamour photography is a session that concentrates on people’s beauty. But some people don’t understand this session because it focuses on celebrating the sexual attraction of models. Due to this, some photographers become apprehensive. However, some people believe that this session gives women the confidence they need by making them feel beautiful. One thing that counts in this session is how everything aligns together to rejoice and celebrate the beauty of models. So, if you know nothing about this session, don’t worry because this article has some tips to guide you through. 


1. Why Makeup and Clothing Matters

This type of photography is not the same thing as fashion photography. However, this does not imply that outfits are meaningless. Clothing is not the main focus here. Attires help photographers highlight the beauty of models. So, choosing outfits that will highlight the curves of the model instead of hiding them counts. 

The primary attention is on the model and not the attires that the person wears. Hence, the clothes should not be very distracting. If you are a photographer, consider outfits that have solid colors. The patterns should also be minimal. Mostly, photographers work with the best makeup artists to ensure they dress the models. Therefore, clothing, nails, and makeup play a vital role when it comes to glamour photography. 


2. Consider the Type of Lighting Setup

In every type of photography, the lighting setup counts a lot. When it comes to glamour photography, you need light to hide imperfections and highlight the model’s beauty. The way you position the light matters a lot. Pointing the light down and above to the model will assist a glamour photographer to highpoint the cheekbones. Moreover, it may help in highlighting the general beauty of the models. 

So, as the photographer, you need to put position lighting properly to ensure everything is under control. Look for techs that will enhance the lighting setup at the end of the day. Learn how these techs work so that you can achieve the goal of getting quality photographs. There are many lighting options that you may consider. They range from minimal and straightforward setups to white and reflectors background. Therefore, choose wisely to have a beautiful and memorable experience of taking photographs. 


3. Practice How to Edit Photographs in Photoshop

Do you know that every picture you will take during the glamour photography session needs to get edited? You will need to edit photos before you add the pictures to your portfolio, fix the color issues, remove the blemishes of the skin, and publish them. Editing and airbrushing is an obvious thing to calendar viewers, magazine readers, and people with untrained eyes. 

So, make sure you keep edited photographs beyond the ordinary colors and exposure. Concentrate on getting rid of lighting problems and skin blemishes instead of interfering with the looks of the models. If it is your first time to carry out an editing process, then visit the internet to learn various ways of retouching and fixing the body or issues. This way, you will manage to edit all the photographs professionally. 


4. Choose Dynamic, Interesting, and Unique Locations

The location of taking pictures matters a lot. Every photographer wants to take appealing pictures. Hence, it is prudent to learn a few ways of choosing the best location that will suit the photographic model, theme, and style. If you select the wrong setting, makeup, and clothes, you will undoubtedly interfere with your photographs in the wrong way. 

So, when choosing a location to carry out the photography session, make sure you don’t dwell on the looks alone. For outdoor areas, consider natural lighting. In some cases, you will have no other option but consider bringing your lighting setup that will complement your photography location. Learn some tips for preparing different areas to ensure you take quality pictures that will capture the attention of viewers out there. 


5. Enlighten Your Model about the Modeling Poses

Before you think about the locations and lighting setup, you need to concentrate on teaching your models about the modeling poses. But most professionals know how to pose. So, you should not worry. If you are dealing with amateurs, then you will have to teach them about the basics of posing. Although there are thousands of poses that you may consider, some of them are complicated for the models to understand. Hence, you need to master a few poses that the models can learn. 

You can also consider researching on the internet and visit to get a list of poses that you may put into consideration. Start with a few poses and let the models practice for a few days or weeks before you list them on an actual shooting session. As they pose, provide guidance and feedback to ensure they perfect everything. 


6. Take Contracts Seriously

Unlike other types of photography sessions that focus on giving clients something they can hang on the walls, glamour photography provides pictures that clients can post in posters and magazines. It is, thus, imperative to ensure that you have a contract with the models to avoid violation of some terms and conditions. The deals guide both parties to use the pictures appropriately and not for the self-interest gain. 

Mostly, high-class contracts that exist between photographers and models go for one or two years. But deals that are not exclusive will hardly last for a year. They last for six months or less. However, some models will go for a non-exclusive contract instead of a private agreement. This is because they don’t want anything that will prevent them from working with clients or photographers. So, as a serious photographer, ensure you advocate for the signing of contracts. 


Final Remarks

If you are a glamour photographer, do not hesitate to take pictures from all angles and positions. Besides, this what the session is all about. Communicate with your models in a way that they will feel relaxed. Models need to look good and fashionable at the same time. They can achieve this by flirting and playing before the camera. Hence, for a successful session, consider the lighting setup, contracts, and clothing.