Tips to start a career in freelance photography

To get a kick start in freelance photography jobs, one must master certain skills to get good career opportunities. I am enlisting below some of the excellent and high paid freelance photography jobs.

Get hired as a photographer’s assistant:-

If you think you require more experience and exposure before turning out a photographer yourself, you can help yourself get hired as a freelance assistant photographer for an established photographer. 

You will have to have an excellent photographing experience, though if you want to get hired by expert photographers. If you look from another point of view, this can turn out to be the big breakthrough for which you were waiting for a long time. Show your talent, creativity and innovative ideas for getting a perfect shot. 

You can get a good package if appropriately executed. However, getting such a client is a real task. You need to make full use of your contacts to get yourself hired as an assistant photographer. 

Start giving photography lessons:-

If you have good photography knowledge and understanding, you can start providing teaching classes to those who want to learn photography. This is the safest and most promising genre for freelance photographing jobs. 

If you want to do away with endlessly looking for dealers, clients, webs for showcasing your talent in photography, I would recommend tutoring. Many photographers have started coaching centers to impart knowledge. 

In fact, you can proceed with photography and giving a lesson both at a time which will surely add more money. It is quite obvious that every beginner cannot learn through the internet, they need a real teacher with personal experience in the domain.


Start Wedding Photography:-

One of the best doors to earn extra money is to shoot and capture moments in the wedding ceremony. This niche gives a good package for freelance photography jobs. 

However, you need to keep into account that pursuing wedding photography is a lot of pressure and a responsible job because it is you who needs to be present in every ritual and ceremony and capture the best moments with a right angle and lighting.

Not only you will get a good package but also a rewarding chore. Being present in someone’s happy moments and capturing those awe moments into photographs which are likely to be with the couple for a lifetime is a worthy job. 

To enhance your photography and earn extra money pursuing wedding photography is the best alternative. 

Begin Real Estate Photography:-

Following the next best alternative for freelance photography jobs is to start a real estate photography, meaning you can pursue interior and exterior designer photography. All you need to do is specify a client or a site you will be working with, inquire about the current market rate for local photography, and for a better insight go through samples of real estate photography. 

You will need to work out your package. In order to be professional about your job and want a steady flow of work, you will need to create a package that must comprise an amount sheet, a deal, a dealer and other vital details for avoiding any complications in future endeavors. 


All this needs to be followed by creating a system and specifying your credible clients. You can find your potential clients on Facebook, Instagram and other social sites. Another important thing is you need to be correlated with the design and pattern affiliated councils and events.

Creating a reliable network can be a sport; however, one must not underestimate its eligibility and credibility. All you need to do is reach out to your family, friends, and colleagues for creating a network, be very vocal about your need, and create a social page or a group which can help to extend your networking with the aim of connecting with real estate photography. 

Work for a blogger:-

Not everyone can afford to own a blog so work for a trademarked blogger. In this era where blogging has gained a lot of popularity, thousands of blogs want to outshine the other by every possible means. In order to do that they need a good, skilled and trained photographer. 

Associate yourself with a good and established blog, provide them with the required original pictures and get money for your job. 

This zone is an appropriate means of earning money for freelance photography jobs. You don’t need to do much legwork; the blogger does everything; your part is only to provide them with good pictures that are worth paying for.

Associating yourself with an established blogger will give you a lot of exposure in work and will help you develop ideas and sources of establishing yourself as a freelance photographer.

Propose image editing and retouching assistance:-

To earn extra income out of your freelance photographing, you can offer people the service of editing the pictures. This is, however, the best and easiest possible way of earning a fair amount of money. 

Amidst the global pandemic, every other individual is seeking for a job that can be done from home without having to get into crowded places. Freelance photography jobs are the best apparent way for photographers. 

If you love and have adequate knowledge about editing pictures, you can make this as a source of earning money. Acquire customers, begin editing your friends and family member’s photos which will help you to promote your talent and her more number of customers. Edit photos as per the requirements of the customers and sell it in exchange for money. 

Evolve as a freelance photojournalist for various newspapers and magazines:-

Getting paid for something you live to do is undoubtedly a euphoric state for anyone. If you love photography as well as journalism, then why not to become a freelance photojournalist? In this sphere, you are free to work for any journal and magazine as per your choice. In fact, you can choose more than one journal, it is completely up to you. 

Your criteria will be to provide photos of the daily events, accidents or anything worth being published to the journals and get paid for the job done. 


Photography for minor businesses:-

There are a lot of people who are willing to sell or rent buildings, flats, cars, lands, bikes, and many other assets, for which they require excellent and clear shots to publish it on social sites or for giving an advertisement in newspapers. What freelance photographers can do is they can connect with those clients, get their job done and earn money out of that. 

For this, you need to create an account or a page on social sites where people can reach out to you when they have work. It will not only add extra money to your account but also enhance your skills in photography.