The Most Popular Saloon Cars in the United Kingdom

People in the United Kingdom love cars, but saloons are usually for a particular type of person. Businesspeople and car lovers alike pursue these models, and for good reason. These cars are high performing and have interiors that are both luxurious and roomy. It is no surprise that the UK loves them and that there are specific models that they gravitate towards. Now that the European Union is mandating speed-limiting technology, many of these saloons will come with new automated technologies. Below are the most popular saloons in the United Kingdom.


There are a lot of different saloons available. Most European car companies make saloons. Mercedes Benz is known for its saloons, although none of them made the list of the UK’s favorite models. Audi is another company that makes saloons. Their A3 model isn’t as luxurious as others, but it is accessible and affordable. People like the Audis and Mercedes, but they love BMWs and other European cars.

Jaguar- XE

Jaguar is one of the most sought after brands out there, and their saloons are coveted. The XE has a great interior that is both sophisticated and luxurious. People love the roomy inside of these cars. It also performs very well. Jaguar’s XE is very customizable, with 12 different colors to choose from. You have 18” to 20” wheels to choose from, in seven different variants. Not only can this car provide the kind of sleek preferences that you want, but it is also fast and powerful. While the inside is a little smaller than the XF, people love this model. It is the fourth most popular saloon in the UK.

Alfa Romeo- Giulia

The Giulia by Alfa Romeo is another sought after saloon. The third most popular of these cars in the UK, the Alfa Romeo comes equipped with new technology and high performance. Fully equipped with 3-D navigation and a customizable layout. There is an 8.8-inch touchscreen. They redesigned the interior for the 2020 model. These features are just the beginning. The Alfa Romeo will come with the autonomous speed-limiting technology that the EU is mandating. According to the website MoneyPug, which is known for being a platform to find the best car insurance, all EU cars will have to have this technology very soon.


The second most popular saloon is the BMW M5. Known for its ability to perform, the BMW M5 has a lot of room. The interior is luxurious. The body design is solid. It has a track-tuned character and the performance innovation is inspired by racing. This car has TwinPower, which gives the turbo engine has 600 horsepower. It also comes with a V-8 engine. This saloon is fun to drive, coming with quick shifting. Converting power to speed, it has an eight-speed automatic transmission. The M5 has Drivelogic with paddle shifters.

BMW- 3 Series

BMW 3 Series is the most popular of these models in the United Kingdom. The strength of the hit car lies in its wide range of abilities. It comes with an infotainment system that combines entertainment and information. Every model has navigation settings. There is the option between a diesel model and an eight-speed automatic. With flexible performance and a solid transmission. This car is amazing to drive. The only thing that isn’t the highest quality is the interior, but that’s just not what this car focuses on. It’s all about performance and technology.

Whether you are a car lover or someone who needs a car for business, you have a lot of saloons to choose from. With a range of interiors, performance levels, technology, convenience features, and more, these cars are more customizable than you would think. Many salons are known for their speed, but as the EU mandates certain technologies they will have innovative automation. Usually, a long sedan that has luxurious features, there are models that range in their capabilities. Saloons are always above other cars in certain areas, this makes them a great investment for anyone who is interested in luxury cars. You won’t regret treating yourself to something that will last a long time and provide the enjoyment and convenience these cars provide.