The Main Objectives of Olympiad Exams

There are many competitive exams which make difference between the students. Most of these exams decide the future of them. Such a competitive exam is Olympiad exams which are based on a more detailed study and understanding of any particular subject. It is an international level examination like the International Maths Olympiad. Some other subjects are science, computer technology, English language, etc.

Why Should You Give Exams of Olympiad?

In general, these exams are mainly conducted to check on the strengths and weaknesses of the students. And by approaching this, students get to learn more. Their fear of the national and international level exams is also gone away. A student is motivated and improved quite well. In recent years it has proven beneficial for students from class 1 to 12. Some key benefits are mentioned below-

  • It gives the students the self-confidence.
  • Their ability for reasoning is given a boost.
  • They get a better idea of their potentials.
  • Their intellect is challenged naturally by tricky questions. As a result, they have a deeper understanding of the facts.
  • These exams tend to sharpen the analytical skills of the students.

The Main Objectives of Olympiad Exams

All the exams of Olympiad are conducted by an academic institution called Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF) which is a non-profit organization. They especially trigger the scientific temperament, understanding, and analyticity of the students from the very beginning. Olympiad consists of many exams such as International English Olympiad (IEO), International General Knowledge Olympiad (IEO), International Company Secretaries Olympiad (ICSO), National Science Olympiad (NSO), International Mathematics Olympiad (IEO), National Cyber Olympiad (NCO),

These six exams are specially designed to test skills on various levels of the students. Each of the exams has eligibility criteria. The main objective of SOF here is to identify and nurture the hidden talents. So that in the future we get many more scientists, technologists, and other IT experts. The objectives of the six exams are given below in a brief detail-

  1. IMO- It tests the mathematical skills, concepts, and knowledge of the students.
  2. NSO- It deals with the scientific reasoning and logical abilities of the students.
  3. IGKO- This exam is mainly based on general knowledge. It develops a keen interest in the current affairs and general knowledge of a student which helps in his all-over development. It is also important for civil service exams in the carrier.
  4. IEO- We know that English is the international language. So by sitting for this exam a student gets to know his/her knowledge of the English language and its usages.
  5. NCO- It deals with the knowledge of cyber concepts. As in modern-day, there are many instances of cybercrimes, so should approach this exam for testing his/her knowledge in the technical parts.
  6. ICSO- It focuses on and tests the students’ knowledge of Economics, Business Studies, Accountancy, and Quantitative Analysis.


All these exams are conducted on specific dates at special Olympiad Centers. The necessary details are always updated on the internet on many official and unofficial websites. To conclude, it must be said that to succeed we must step beyond our capabilities. And these exams are one such step.