The Importance of Listing Photos

It might seem like the importance of listing photographs is something fairly obvious. In one sense, it is. If you are selling a home, it is pretty unlikely that any potential buyer is going to make the journey to view the property before they have a look at it, either in the window of a real estate brokerage office or, more likely, on the internet. However, as it turns out, listing photographs are more than a dull necessity in the home-selling process. In fact, you should pay just as much heed to your listing photographs as you do to preparing the home for a viewing.

CityHome Collective, real estate experts offering lofts and condosin Salt Lake City, advise that taking the right listings photographs isn’t so much a matter of good photography, but more about showing exactly the right things in exactly the right way. Accordingly, it is not an expert photographer that you require for good listing photographs, but instead the advice of a realtor.

The reason for this is that a professional real estate broker will know the local market intimately, what adds the most value to a home, and what makes a home attractive in the current market. Therefore, it’s the realtor who can advise on what to show in your listing photographs. It is also the realtor who will help distribute the photos through the agency.

How to Take Good Listing Photographs

Turning briefly to the aesthetic dimension, it is still, as mentioned, especially important to take attractive photographs. Nevertheless, you can consider this task as an extension of the home staging process. There will always be useful tips to defer to when setting up a home for a viewing such as to avoid clutter, to depersonalize the space, and so on. If you manage to successfully set up your home with these tips in mind, then all that’s left to do is to show this in the photograph.

In practice then, this means shots that are well-lit (by daylight) and making use of a wide-angle lens to show as much of the space as possible (as well as to make it look more spacious). If you have taken advice froma realtor about what to show, actually taking the photographs is a simple extension of that.

Further Reasons Why Listing Photos Make All the Difference

With all of that in mind, here follows some further reasons for the importance of good listing photos:

It is the First Impression

First impressions are always important, but it’s remarkable just how important they are when it comes to listing photos. Researchers have found that viewers will observe the first listing photograph for around twenty seconds before interest begins to wane if it has not already been piqued. Therefore, it’s important to get that lead photo right!

Professional Photos Increase Value

Asking price can always vary a little above and below what is expected. Furthermore, the impression made on viewers by a great listing photograph can sway them towards an even higher bid. Therefore, it might be worth getting in the professional photographers after all!

The Internet is Supreme

Most potential buyers will first come across your property online. And they don’t need to have made any contact with a particular real estate agency before stumbling across your photos on their site. Thanks to the internet, it is the buyers – unaided by realtors – who will find your home first. This makes that first impression even more important.

Listing photos are well known as being part and parcel of selling a property, but they are a good deal more important than many initially believe.