Taxi Services Luton Airport

Why stress too much over the buying tickets for transport and staying in queues a lot of time plus supporting delays on your arrival time at the destination when you can book your private and secure taxi ride whenever you need it? Whether you are traveling for leisure, for business or you just need to move around Luton city, you can make your own onward journey which is really cost-effective compared to the old way of traveling.

There is a huge range of Taxi Services Luton Airport and this gives you the possibility to choose exactly the type of taxi ride you need for your requirements. For sure you will save more than 25% of the time booking a taxi ride from the airport to the city than going as usual by bus or by other types of transportation. The only thing you need to do when making the booking for the taxi ride is to provide all your personal data:

  • -First Name
  • -Last Name
  • -Type of taxi ride
  • -Method of payment

Of course, for your comfort there are accepted all types of payment including cash to the driver when the ride starts and card payment using Visa or MasterCard.Taking care of every detail Kabsy team has created the application for smartphone in order to make it easier to do the booking on go, and this gives you the possibility to change the requirements of the booking everytime with possibility to see the changes in the prices live.

There are a lot of places to visit which are regularily requested by our clients, like Buckingham Palace, British Museum, Stockwood Discovery Centre, Wrest Park, etc, but you can also trust our services even when going to an important business meeting. Our well-trained drivers are working every day with professionalism and pay attention to any need you could have, but especially to arriving at you destination on time by avoiding traffic jams and crowded places.

For any question you could have before the ride or for just communicating with you driver there are a lot of ways including the Live Chat, messenger system or using the phone but there are also other types of communication channel on which you can gain access after the booking. You can always track you driver by his location and get to know how much time it will take him to arrive to you and on what location.

You don’t need to travel on your own, because our car fleet has a wide range of cars for you to choose how many passengers will have the journey so you can choose the type of car wanted at the moment of appointment. Of course, you can change the type of car anytime to be most suitable for your preferences and the cost modification will be calculated in no time.