Spinal Decompression

Spinal Decompression Therapy is a fairly straightforward, safe, drug free methodology for people that are suffering from severe back or neck pain which may be caused by issues concerning the disks or the spine . What a  decompression treatment  is, it basically will gently lengthen and slowly release the built up pressure inside the spine through repetitive movements by what is known as a Spinal Decompression table. The table helps by pulling and releasing and making a difference in pressure between the discs and the surrounding soft tissue and the joints of the spine. This reduction of pressure which occurs  inside the disc (decompression) is what allows the whatever bulge or herniation and the nutrients to get put into place back into the disc. People that undergo this form of therapy usually report experiencing relief from their ailments within about 25-30 treatments.

When a bulging or herniated disc is out of the alignment, it may cause compression to nearby surrounding nerves. This compression is what can hinder the nervous system from relaying and receiving messages from the CNS (central nervous system) which leads to chronic pain. As long as this compression persists,  these damaged discs will rarely heal and patients will have to learn to live with the pain that accompanies it.

Well other than spinal decompression, Post-Decompression Therapy is also necessary to ensure that follow up is reached and the target regions are soothed and are ready for the touch of a chiropractor in Singapore. This Post-Decompression Therapy may include things like massage therapy, electro-stimulation, and cold laser treatment. The aim of these procedures is to further facilitate blood flow and nerve exchange in these regions.

Chiropractic adjustments are necessary to your Spinal Decompression program by essentially correcting your posture and structural misalignments. When your spine is functioning optimally, spinal decompression will then aid in reducing the built up pressure in between the discs.

In addition to this, to ensure a successful program, everyone knows that a healthy and balanced diet with nutritional supplements are vital in the recovery process. Supplements like Glucosamine and essential vitamins and minerals will not only support the restoration of the discs but also decrease inflammation which may occur.

Besides the spine, the only thing holding  your lower body together are the striated muscles! So it is important that you do core exercise to ensure your strength levels are adequate. Usually, chiropractors are the ones that will specify what kind of  exercises you should do , posture rehab and yoga unique to each individual as part of your program. While results may differ from case to case as any treatment of various conditions, age, smoking, chronic use of narcotic or potent medication,  and obesity all play a part in whether or not your spinal decompression may be a success or a flop.