Smart Casual 101: How to Wear Women’s Skinny Jeans

If you ask any woman about what they want to wear all the time, nine out of ten would say they like wearing denim. From Victoria Beckham to Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, you see celebrities and models on the fashion runway wearing them all the time(And they look great on them). From going to an event to running errands at the nearby market, women’s skinny jeans will always be an indispensable piece of clothing for females young and old. 

Jeans are considered a classic wardrobe staple for almost all women. Just pair it with your basic, plain t-shirt, and it looks like you are already going places. But did you know that wearing women’s skinny jeans can transform your regular look into a more sophisticated one? The smart-casual look is the way to go, especially for working women or those who want to exude a stylish vibe. Dressing up is sometimes a challenge most especially if you have doubts if the outfit you have is HR-approved. So, planning your outfit for the occasion is the key to success.

Wear dark, skinny jeans.

The perfect outfit balance is one where you look like a cross between professional and relaxed. Trousers work, but there are times you cannot help but wear something else. Fortunately, you can also get away with it by wearing dark, skinny jeans. The black or dark blue colour can pass as the regular work pants, especially when you pair it with office attire such as blazers, button-down blouses, and heeled shoes. 

Your tops should be in line with your casual look.

Going smart casual is all about balance. Colours, ruffles, or prints highlight your appearance. You will not achieve a sleek look if you have too much going on in your outfit. Your tops and bottoms cannot look posh and stylish all at the same time. So, decide which part you are going to feature. If you wear women’s skinny jeans, you should wear a more professional, classier-looking blouse or shirt. A ruffled blouse with a cinched waist pairs nicely with your pants. Or if you have coloured bottoms, a plain white blouse will suffice for an expert-looking appearance. 

You can also go for a classic blazer or knitted sweatshirt over a plain shirt for those unexpected meetings at the office. The tailored look gives you an air of authority while being casually relaxed as well. And try to wear a blouse with your favourite colour to give more personality to your look.

Wear appropriate footwear.

Your footwear can also accentuate your skinny-jeaned figure. Dress shoes are the most favoured types. A close-toed pump and heels will make you look more professional, while flats will make your attire appear more casual. If you wear a neutral-coloured outfit, your flats should stand out as a statement piece with a pop of colour or pattern. Sandals and slippers are a definite no for casual wear. The type you wear will balance out the whole outfit. 

Accessorize by wearing a belt.

If you are wearing mono-toned tops and bottoms, you need a belt to break that colour to add some variety. If you intend your mid-sash to be a statement piece, ensure that it is printed, colourful, or exaggerated for a more sophisticated look.

Skinny jeans will always be part of the daily wardrobe of a woman. Whether it is for work or other formal occasions, having one in your closet means that you are ready for anything life throws at you. 

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