Six essential kitchen appliances you shouldn’t miss

What kitchen appliances should you give priority when moving into a new house? It is common for newlyweds to ask themselves a similar question.

Well, the truth is that in as far as some people may see these appliances as a luxury that they can forgo, they are actually an essential part of modern, comfortable life. They are not only affordable when you shop from the right dealerships but also cheap to maintain since appliance repair services can be offered locally. All you need to do is buy appliances whose spare parts can be sourced locally. 

So, what are the top six essential kitchen appliances? Well, the list may vary due to different taste and preferences, but here are the ones that will make your life comfortable:

  • Dishwasher

The first thing that you’ll probably need to ensure is that your kitchen is always in order by maintaining cleanliness, and a dishwasher can help you do that, especially if you are a busy person. A functional dishware will have all the dishes clean and dries within thirty minutes, during which you can concentrate on other things such as cooking!

  • Fridge

After dishwasher, you should probably think about eating fresh food, utilizing remnants, and the benefits of doing bulk shopping. Having a reliable refrigerator will help you achieve all that. There are also different types of fridges to choose from, and that option is purely aesthetic.

  • Gas cooker

Gone are the days when you couldn’t start a fire without a matchbox! Well, thanks to technology, gas cookers can also cook within a short time. You might also consider buying a gas cooker that has both gas and electric options. It should also be combined with the oven so as to save on space, especially if you are living in a rented apartment.

  • Blender

Blender is a must, especially if you have a baby who has to be fed from mashed food and healthy fruit juice. You should, therefore, get a blender that comes with two cups, one for liquids, and the other one for dry food.

  • Microwave

What do you think about warming a plate of food in less than ten minutes without necessarily having to touch the stove or the gas cooker? Well, that is how helpful a microwave is. A good microwave that is built for longevity should last you for as long as a decade.

  • Water heater

Lastly, you may consider getting a water heater because it helps things get done easily in the kitchen, especially with cleaning oily dishes. Moreover, you don’t know when a visitor will come and request for hot water, and the heater comes in handy. It is convenient to access hot water without necessarily having to turn on the gas. Hot water can also assist in clearing the sinks after washing dishes, to avoid any blockage.

Anyone can survive without the above appliances, but having them will make your life comfortable and habitable, more than you can imagine. You can also add a coffee maker if you are an early riser, as they can work hand in hand with the toaster to make you a quick steaming breakfast!