Reasons to quit your job

Are you struggling with the thought of tendering a resignation and leaving your current post? Occasionally, people find themselves in the situation but face the dilemma of whether to resign or otherwise. You must be very sure of the reasons you want to do so before you tender your resignation. For example, if you win the lottery, you may want to quit your job because you’ve enough amounts to sustain your life. Other compelling reasons that may make you leave your current post are explained below.

Finding a new opportunity 

In case you’ve found a new job with better terms and conditions, you may quit your current post. However, before leaving the current position, ensure that you’ve got an assurance that you can start working almost immediately on the new opportunity. In this regard, make sure that you’ve got an offer letter. You should also ensure that you follow the current employer’s set regulations of quitting, like clearing with every department.

You dislike the job

You may find yourself in a situation where you don’t like the current task. Maybe it doesn’t motivate you due to a variety of reasons. In case you find yourself in this challenging situation, ensure that you plan your exit well before tendering the resignation.

Poor health

You may want to resign from the current position due to illness you’ve experience or your family. In most cases, this would be a chronic disease that may hinder your productivity at the workplace. Alternatively, your child or better half may catch a chronic illness that may require you to be around them all the time. You can quit your job so that you may take care of them.

Poor working environment 

You may quit your current job due to a poor relationship with your bosses, your co-workers, and a hostile working environment. The workplace is so unfriendly and perpetually tortures your mind. Besides, your efforts of trying to find an amicable solution haven’t yielded any real fruits.

Schedules and hours

Sometimes you may be shifted to a work schedule that may be difficult for you to work under. For instance, in case you have a baby and want to be with it most of the time, it would be difficult for you to work in a night schedule.

Going back to school

A decision to go back to college may clash with your work program. In this case, if you find that schooling is critical than working, you may tender your resignation.

Career change

Some people may find their professional assignments tedious and stressful after working for an extended period. You may quit your current job if you find yourself in this situation.


You may tender a resignation if you’re transferred to a station that you’re not comfortable with. For instance, if you get a transfer to a hostile environment full of terrorists, you may not want to risk your life. 

Permanent and pensionable job

In case your current job is based on a contract, you may resign if you find a permanent job elsewhere.


At some point, many people find themselves in situations where they want to quit their current jobs. The above reasons may form a good basis for somebody to resign from a job.