Prime MLM Software: Get the Best Binary MLM Software Solution

Prime MLM provides the best binary MLM software for MLM businesses like yours that are searching for a lower-cost MLM web-based application. Also, Prime MLM Software can aid you to sustain a tab on the binary revenue and expense of the downlines within your binary marketing system.

While our feature-rich binary MLM plan software takes the heavy load of manual attempts, then you will get more time to enlarge your MLM business.

The different types of bonuses in Binary MLM Software

Sponsor Bonus:-

  •  A flat or percentage can be given to a sponsor bonus.
  • The members who recruit the new downlines into your network marketing system will get a sponsor bonus.
  •  The company can predetermine sponsor bonus, or it can be based on the joiner’s package or sponsor package.

Pairing Bonus:

  • A qualified distributor in a pre-set ratio, gets the bonus paid to attain a well-balanced MLM sales volume in both his/her legs.
  •  Binary capping is used in Binary Bonus.
  •  Most extremely used       pairing ratios are 1:1 and 2:1.
  •  Capping can be weekly, daily or monthly or it can be used on the basis set by the company.
  •  Prime MLM Software can modify the pairing bonus in any situation, based on your needs.

Matching Bonus :-

  • Matching Bonus can be either given on flat or percentage criteria.
  •  When the downline members begin getting bonus, then the matching bonus is given to the sponsors.
  • Matching Bonus is given based on rank or present basis. This greatly based on the each compensation plan and also, Prime MLM Software can have the potential for adding new rule 
  • and modify the bonus based on your business goals.
  • Prime MLM Software can have the potential to amalgamate any custom bonus into the binary marketing system whatever your needs.

What is Binary MLM Software?

Binary MLM software is a web-based application that aid to manage binary networks and also, to keep track on downline’s revenue and expense. It deduct the manual works that the MLM companies do.

Binary Network Marketing Software is appropriate for all MLM organizations without regard to their sizes. Prime MLM Software can supply complete custom network marketing software package with the most beneficial Binary MLM plan for MLM companies.

What is Binary MLM plan?

 The Binary compensation plan is the most famous and generally agreed plan by industries. It is helpful for individuals and network marketers.

It has a two-leg system concept, where one is known as left side or left leg and the other is a right side or right leg. This equally distributed and oriented network forms a tree structure. This tree structure consists of two legs, power leg and profit leg.

  Binary plan permits sponsor to receive two new distributors. Each member can elect and sponsor two other members to join the plan. The right leg is known as “profit leg”,and the left leg is the “power leg”.

If sponsors elect more than two new members, then the new members gets added to the next available member’s power leg. This is an efficient method allowing the new members to be shared between all downline power leg, without regard the real sponsor. Using this “spillover “, the profits thus get shared by the already existent team in the power leg.The binary plan does not interrupt the chance to earn a profit. This makes it an opportunity for many in the industry to choose a binary plan.

How Does It Work in Network Marketing?

As recruits get on-board, it opens up a huge opportunity to make more profits and enjoy higher bonuses. A binary compensation plan has been set up to add more sales to downline members who will benefit from the increasing number of recruits.

Using the binary MLM strategy, you can be sure that payouts will be distributed based on performance. This will enable you to create an “equality ” based approach that rewards collaboration and innovation, and is a much sought-after characteristic feature in the MLM business. This plan creates an organization that actively recruits and sells, makes high profits, and thus provides the better opportunities for business.

Multi-level marketing means thinking differently about recruiting, selling, and bringing business.

 Binary marketing system offers commissions are not depend on levels, but instead on MLM business volume. This motivates the team to build a sustainable binary MLM strategy that maintains cooperation, and of course earnings are at the forefront.

The binary compensation plan empowers the business by making the best decision.  Our MLM software allows you to reap the benefits of a bespoke plan.