Poultry Farm in Romania

40 years ago people around the world started to include in their meals the chicken meat and since then it has become something normal to have this kind of meal very often. During the years, Romania has also become one of the most popular producers of chicken meat and other types of food derived from it. And this is because chicken farming is also a well-known occupation in Romanian culture and also the first step in meat production. Also, as time passed by, Romania is ranked in the no.1 in Europe when it comes to agricultural exports, predominantly with chicken meat because the animal farming industry had such a high rise.

Due to this good results in the poultry industry, a lot of companies decided to invest in chicken farming in Romania and this is why almost every Poultry Farm in Romania is using the ultimate technology in raising chicken in a natural way, without any preservatives in their food and without any kind of stress.

As consumers Romania and from other countries in Europe became more aware of eating healthy food on their usual meals, farmers and chicken meat producers tried to comply with all these demands on the market and made huge investments in accessories and appliances in order to raise healthy chicken and offer their clients the highest quality in their products. In this way, the farms upgraded the feed mill an changes the way of breeding to open spaces. Moreover, every need in the farming buildings like air conditioning, ventilation, feeding, water supply and egg harvesting processes became automatic.

In order to make all their products the best type of food for every family in Romania and in Europe, LaProvincia team worked hard to aquire all the certifications in poultry meat producing from the ones which are related to hygiene from the ones that show how healthy are their products. And this is how the company obtained one of the most authentic tastes in the meat and because of this a huge percent of the products are exported every year to 8 european countries.

Having a lot of interest in developing the production process and paying attention to every detail, the products are packed in some of the best types of cases which keep the taste as the original one.

All these summed up, it’s been almost 23 years since the poultry industry has become to bounce up and registered such a  huge success in exports of poultry products and also has a great impact on the livestock sector and contributed to the improvement of Romanian economy but also provided the best natural meat and eggs from chicken on the whole country.