Moved to a new office? Here’s what you need to do

Office moves can be overwhelming and challenging, but once you settle into your new location, they turn out to be exciting. However, settling into your new office is more than unpacking your boxes and signing your lease.

Your online presence, consumers, and employees must move with you. Here are four things to do to ensure you can achieve this.

1. Update your address

Although this is time-consuming, it’s the only way to ensure your loyal customers can easily locate your business. Change your physical address on Yelp, Yahoo Local, Google Places, and any other online platforms you have.

You can also update your phone number, but it’s advisable to keep the old one and have it forward to the new number.

2. Decorate your new space

Don’t wait to add décor to your new space in a bid to save money. Moving can cost a lot, but the last thing you want is your customers or employees walking into your reception and finding the same furniture as the old office.

Since it’s a new location, your clients and staff expect change, whether it’s adding a fresh coat of paint or switching out your old furniture.

3. Remodel the kitchen

The office kitchen provides workers with an area where they can break and feel comfortable after working long hours. And, after their relaxing break, they will feel more motivated to work, increasing their performance.

So, renovate your new kitchen by changing its layout to improve efficiency. If you’re looking to cut costs, a simple cabinet makeover can greatly transform the kitchen space. You can easily find kitchen cabinets in Los Angeles at affordable prices to help with your remodel.

4. Order new equipment

Once you move to your new location, you’re supposed to have everything you need to improve productivity, including new equipment. It’s wise to order your equipment prior to your move so that they’ll be ready when you get there. But, if you didn’t, it’s never too late to place your order.

Additionally, avoid ordering large equipment that takes up too much space in your new office. Instead, opt for minimal, functional equipment, which increases work quality and production.