How to take a passport photo at home

If you want to renew your passport for summer vacation, then the process recently has been become easier. Instead of finding a passport photo near you, now you can take your passport photo at home at any time.

Now you don’t need to go to any photo studio or found passport photos near me studio. You need a person who will help you take your pic because you can’t take your photo yourself. The pose should be according to digital passport photos.

By this process, you can save money and some hassle when you are renewing a passport. You can save your time also by taking your passport picture at home.

You can also submit your picture when you are applying for your passport through the online application process. I think You don’t need to take any print of your picture. If you are going for a manual method, then you need to take a passport photo printout with your application.

A perfect Passport Photos

Many passport offices set their rules for passport pictures. Always take a new picture for your passport, especially for online applications.

  • Find a good Camera and a Photographer: You can take your passport picture with the help of your phone, a digital camera, and a tablet. When you decide it, then find someone who will take your photographs. Don’t take selfies and webcam to take your picture. For this process, you need a friend or a family member.
  • Good background and right position: When you are taking a pic for your passport, make sure that the experience should be light grey or cream. Don’t stand in front of tiled walls or patterned wallpapers. Stand 1.5 meters from the person taking the right photos or from the camera.
  • Ensure there is space around your head and your shoulders: When officer received your application form, they cropped your picture so your photo should not be cropped closely. So when you are taking an image for your passport, ensure that there is pace around your head and your shoulders.
  • Check The lighting: Best lighting is natural lighting, so if you are taking your picture in sunlight, then be careful that there should be no shadow on your face and behind your head. The light should not be so bright and don’t stand too close to the lamp.
  • Headwear should be removed: if you are wearing any headwear for such religious or medical reasons, then remove them. Don’t wear any clips or glasses on your head.
  • You’re Eyes and face should be visible: when you are taking your passport photo for the application process, then make sure that your eyes and face should be visible in the pictures. Tie your hair back and make sure it doesn’t cover your face. Don’t close your eyes during the click.
  • Don’t smile: During the picture, the process doesn’t laugh. Look at your camera or cameraman with a natural expression. The mouth should be closed and don’t smile at that time.

Always keep these tips when you are taking your passport photo at home.