How to Stimulate Five Senses of your Baby?

A baby is born with all the five senses which he uses to explore the world around him. He reacts to everything around him, takes in information, seeks nutrition, taste and of course bonds with people around him. All five senses are fully developed at the time of birth but there are a few things which you can do to stimulate his senses. Here are the methods through which you can stimulate five senses of your baby.

Five Senses of a newborn baby

  • Sight

Initially, the vision is fuzzy and a newborn can only see 8 to 12 inches away. He is able to see the shapes and shades such as big or small, dark or bright. The baby could track the moving objects by the age of 4 months. Now, he can see farther too. By 6 months he can also see colors around him.

If you want to talk to your baby, you should put your face close to him. This way he can see your movements and gestures. Give him a chance to explore a variety of sights by taking him outdoors often. Give him time to inspect and watch it thoroughly if you feel something catches his eyes.

  • Taste

You must have heard that a nursing mother should not eat spicy food. This is because a newborn detects the flavors of food through breast milk. He is born with fully developed taste buds with a preference for sweets.

You can introduce a variety of foods and flavors around 6 months. Feed him a healthy diet and let him explore different tastes through the various colors and tastes in the diet. Consult your doctor about any history of food allergies in your family before introducing that particular food.

  • Touch

Babies can distinguish among different textures, shapes, weights, and temperatures. Initially, they do most of the touching through their mouth and later with the arms and hands.

Since a newborn mostly relies on you, cuddle him often. Your skin-to-skin touch is the best for your baby to develop a bond. Make him experience different touches by letting him feel different items on his skin such as a soft toy or a bumpy ball. When he is older, give him different toys of various sizes, shapes, and textures. It will also improve his cognitive skills.

  • Smell

Infants learn about their environment by smell. They can recognize your scent right away and can also identify danger or comfort around them. This is the reason babies get uncomfortable when their caretakers are not around. They can sense it through the body fragrance.

Avoid heavy perfumes or any fragrances in detergents or baby toiletries. Once your baby can understand your language, expose him to various light scents. Tell him what each smell is and it will build his sense of smell. It will also help to boost his development and language skills.

  • Hearing

When a baby is born, hi shearing should have been nearly perfect. His parents’ voices are his favorite. By the end of 2 months, he will begin to mimic the sounds by cooing. By the age of 4 months, he will become a blabber.

The more you will talk to him, he will listen more and learn. Reading, singing, and talking to your baby will help him to build his personality. You can check lori for baby. It will encourage bonding and encourages his language development.

I hope you liked this article on stimulating the five senses of your baby! You would also like to read more parenting tips.

Happy Parenting!