Mishti Doi or Sweet Yogurt: How can you make it at home?

Mishti doi or Sweet Yogurt is a well known sweet desert in West Bengal, in East India. As a Bengali myself I love to eat mishtidoi especially in summer. Bengalis are well known for their food especially for their sweet preparations, Misti Doi or Sweet Yogurt is one of them. It is slightly different from normal yogurt. I am using the word Doi several times as it is closely associated with the name mishti doi. Doi is basically the Bengali name of yogurt while mishti denotes sweetness.

Misthi doi is really a fabulous sweet preparation and you must give it a try. As a Bengali I can bet it tastes amazing. As the name suggests it will be a sweet preparation, you use it as a superb desert of you mills. So let’s begin with how we can prepare misthi doi in our home. It basically does not need a lot of items you can easily find them in your kitchen. Let’s start with the recipe of misthi doi or you can say recipe of sweet yogurt.

How to prepare Mishti Doi at home?

You can easily prepare misthi doi in your home easily.

Here is the list of ingredients you need to prepare Sweet Yogurt:

1) Full fat/ Full Cream/ Whole Milk (1 litter)

2) Sugar/ Jiggery (For 1 Litter you can use 100 gram- 200 gram based on your taste)

3) Curd Culture (About 4-6 spoon)

4) Cardamom powder (Completely Optional)

These are the four ingredients you need to prepare mishti doi in your home. You can to do it in few simple steps. For better visual appeal you can use small earthen pots if available or if that’s not available you can use normal home small containers.

Here is the process of making Sweet Yogurt step by step:

1) Collect all the things all together.

2) Take 1 litter full-milk in a pan and start boiling it in medium heat.

3) Stir the milk in regular interval so that it do not get stick to the pot.

4) Boil the milk until it gets thick.

5) You can simmer the milk until it becomes 1/3 or ½ of its original volume.

6) While boiling the milk you can add 3-4 spoon of sugar and let it melt completely in the milk. If you are going to use jiggery you can mix all the jiggery at this time and skip 7, 8, 9, 10 steps.

7)  When the milk boiling done. Keep it aside and start next step.

8) Take a pan or Kadai and start making the sugar caramel.

9) To make the sugar caramel- you need to heat a kadai or pan then place it in the oven to get it hot. When the pot gets hotter place the sugar and start to stir. Do not use water in the process. You can notice that the sugar will start melting and its colour will gets changed to brown.

10) Now mix the sugar caramel in the milk properly.

11) Let the mixture go cool.

12) Here you have to mix the Curd Culture and stir properly until it gets mixed properly.

13) Now you can add some cardamom powder for better smell.

14) Take the mixture and divide it in small pots or even you can place it in a sinle pot as well.

15) Keep the pot(s) in room temperature (You can place it in refrigerator as well).

16) In summer it may take upto 6 hours though in winter it can take a bit longer.

17) Once you notice the mixture gets thick, keep it in a fridge for at least 1 hour to get it chilled.

18) Now you are ready to serve and eat.

Final words on Mishti doi:

If you try this once I can be pretty sure you will do it again. It’s basically a simple process but the outcome will impress you. Keep in mind consume healthy food is a good habit. Do not forget to try it in your home. Happy Eating.