How to choose perfect Printed face Masks

Are you looking to buy good quality face masks? 2020 has been a challenging year. This year has brought us new challenges and even taught us to face them with our full strength. In these times of the COVID-19 as we are all unitedly battling this phase and adapting to the new normal, it is only wise and just to give safety and infection control a top priority in our lives, in order to lead a healthy life. Safety of the self, of the family and of the community at large.

Man is a social animal as we all know it. No matter the number of lockdowns imposed upon us, we will still manage and find our ways to venture out giving the virus a chance to enter our lives and that of our loved ones as well.

Life is slowly moving towards normalcy and with unlocks being imposed we are getting at ease after all. But, the key point to remember here is we can’t afford to be complacent. With times so challenging, the responsibilities have doubled. Hand hygiene protocols and use of personal protective equipment like a simple Face Mask are emerging as the right path to deal with what lies ahead. A simple Face Mask, which need not be something too fancy or expensive, but just good enough to keep the virus at bay. Today in the market, we have a plethora of options to choose from right from the N95 face Masks to the Printed Face Mask.

This piece of cloth is soon emerging as a fashion accessory. To make your style statement you can even customize your Face Mask in your favorite color or print. And, if you’re someone who’s unsure of Customised Printed Masks, then there’s plenty of predesigned and Printed Face Masks that you can buy online.

The thing to bear in mind while buying a mask is understanding it’s the true purpose and the choice of material that’s not just comfortable to wear but lasts longer as well. Considering the weather conditions that we mostly live in our country, cotton just seems to be the most obvious choice when it comes to the material of Face Masks. But, what most people miss out to understand is the thickness of cloth required as well as various layers of filters that need to be added to make it a truly viable option for infection control. The regular Cotton Face Mask may not be 100% effective when it comes to limiting the virus spread.

They may be cheap and affordable in the beginning but may cost you a host of other troubles later. These masks are great to help people with dust or pollen allergies as they filter the air you breathe and prevent the contact of dust and allergens like pollen to your respiratory tract. The COVID-19 is a novel virus that needs a different kind of filtration altogether. The virus is extremely small in size is seen to pass through a single-layered mask and even those cotton masks which are not well made. Hence it’s necessary to be vigilant and choose wisely. Your mask should bear a verified seal and certification from a government-run body which can be conclusive of its safety.