How to Become a Faster and More Efficient Writer in 8 Steps

Writing articles quickly saves you time and allows you to spend it on some other useful things. Due to the speedy writing, it will be possible to fill the site with content and promote it faster.

Consider the detailed instructions on how to write articles as quickly as possible, without losing the quality of the content.

Learn to type quickly

Before you can write articles at an accelerated rate, you need to learn how to type quickly on the keyboard.

There is nothing complicated about it. Even if you don’t take any special courses and programs on speed typing on the keyboard, in time this skill will come true if you write a little something every day.

Ideally, you should master blind typing – when letters are typed by looking at the monitor, not at the keyboard. In this case, the speed of printing becomes much higher. If you don’t want to bother with a routine, the best way to write an article is to contact experts on special service

Prepare a creative space

Creative space is the place where you will write an anonymous article. Everyone chooses a convenient and comfortable place to work for himself, as everyone has different preferences. Butyoucangivesomegeneralrecommendations:

  1. The creative space should be physically comfortable. Such places, where you can’t sit in a comfortable position, will not fit.
  2. Silence is important for fruitful creativity. If you work at home, you should choose the quietest time of day to write an article. Think if you have small children, it is better to do it when they are sleeping. If someone is watching TV or listening to music, you should work at a different time.
  3. There should be no distractions in the creative space. If the view of TV distracts you and leads you to think about rest, then sit down so that you can’t see it. Once if the smell of food does not allow you to work quietly, then remove this factor. If you are disturbed by the mess, then clean up before work. And some people, on the contrary, are more comfortable when everything is scattered around. Youshouldfullyimmerseyourselfinthework.

Remove messengers and social networks.

Modern time killers are messengers and social networks. You can forget about the fact that you started doing some work with them.

If you have instant messengers installed on your computer, it is better to leave them while you are writing an article or to switch to the “do not disturb” mode. It is also necessary to prohibit yourself from visiting social networks. If you do not have enough willpower to not visit them, then you should ban visiting distracting sites directly on your computer.

Create a clear article structure

So, the creative space has been prepared, and all distractions have been eliminated. Time to get started.

Before writing articles, you need to create a clear structure. The structure should give such concepts:

  1. It should be clear what sections the article consists of.
  2. The structure gives an idea of which section should be written in which place of the article.
  3. Each section should answer one clear question and cover it in full.
  4. In the structure, you need to write an approximate volume of sections.
  5. You can create a structure in any convenient place and form: even on a computer in a file, on paper, wherever you want.

Work on a timer

After creating the structure, roughly estimate how much time it will take you to write each section. Turn on the timer and start writing. If you feel that you are late, then accelerate. If you do faster than the timer, then next time start it for a shorter time.

Make article templates

Templates are ready-made article layouts. Let’s say, if you write car overviews, you can create a template structure for all future articles in advance. For example, car description, characteristics, reviews, photo reviews. And you can write on this template all the time.

For different types of articles, you can make several different templates and use them in your work.

Write in the site editor

WordPress has a very convenient, comfortable, and multifunctional editor. But despite this, some people are more accustomed to making an article in another third-party editor. Then insert it into WordPress and re-arrange the necessary formatting.

Try to write directly in the WordPress editor. This way, you will save time that is spent copying from another editor and re-hovering the formatting.

Write without editing

Who writes without typing mistakes? Probably nobody. When you communicate with someone in correspondence, you should correct misprints and errors in words. When you write an article, nobody will see this until you publish the material. So you don’t need to spend time fixing it while you’re writing. It can also be a distraction and, while you are correcting misprints, you will already forget what you wanted to write next.

Therefore, first, write the entire article or at least bring the idea to its logical conclusion, and only then correct your mistakes.