Getting the Right Kind of Underwear for You

Almost every guy out there cannot go out without wearing underwear. It’s uncomfortable wearing without one, especially when you wear jeans or bottoms which have a rough inside. Like with any other piece of clothing, there are also different kinds of underwear a guy can wear for various reasons. 

If you have problems with wearing a certain type of men’s underwear, no need to fret because there are various types you can choose from to suit your needs. By reading this article, you will know about the different styles and how each one of them can be beneficial for you. You won’t have to regret buying the wrong kind of underwear once you finish reading the entire article. 

Boxer Briefs

These are one of the most commonly worn underwear for guys who want to keep their genitals firm and secured. They are great for when you’re moving a lot, such as doing athletic activities since they prevent your genitals from moving around too much. Boxer briefs are also beneficial if you want to prevent chafing your thighs. 


The briefs are slightly different than the boxer briefs. Briefs expose the upper thighs compared to the boxer briefs, which may be a nuisance for some men. But the advantage with this is you don’t have to worry about the bottom part of the boxer brief from folding up when wearing tight jeans or shorts. 

Briefs are comfortable since it’s only holding the genitals and nothing else. There are also three different kinds of briefs, such as the low rise, mid-rise, and full rise briefs. Low rise briefs only cover below the waist and enhance your package. The mid-rise briefs naturally sit on your waist while the full rise enables you to wear it as close to the belly button as possible. 

Boxer Shorts

If you’re relaxing on a hot summer day and you have parties or events to go, it’s preferable to wear boxer shorts because these give breathing room to your genitals. This type of men’s underwear doesn’t hold your package tight compared to the previous two underwears so that you can go on about your day without that feeling of discomfort on your package.

The only downside of boxer shorts is they aren’t suitable for when you need to move around a lot, like playing basketball. Boxer shorts are very loose, and they should only be worn when you’re at home or if you want to walk around the beach. It’s also not advisable to wear boxer shorts with tight pants, especially if the boxer shorts are quite longer than usual. 

What underwear is best for you? 

A man has a preference when choosing what type of underwear to use every day. At times, they would switch from boxer briefs to boxer shorts each day or use one type of underwear throughout the week. It also depends on what you’ll be doing on that day. You wouldn’t want to wear boxer shorts while playing basketball as this can be extremely uncomfortable for your genitals. 

It’s a good idea to have different varieties of men’s underwear so that you have something specific to choose depending on what you’ll be doing. You are bound to get sick and tired of wearing low rise briefs for a month straight, so having many underwear choices is going to be a big advantage for you.

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