Fringe Events

Backlit Gallery
26 May – 9 July
In this group exhibition contemporary artists blur the lines across Western and Eastern geographies, attempting to uncover and rewrite lost narratives, language and histories. Featuring work by: Slavs and Tatars, Wu Tien Cheng, Ramin Haerizadeh, Rokni Haerizadeh and Hesam Rahmanian and Ryan Heath. Join a series of workshops by Slavs and Tatars that uses screen-printing and textiles to explore themes of spirituality, hidden languages, and political protest. More info


Derby Cathedral
Developing and Redeveloping
6 April – 25 May
Developing and Redeveloping traces the history of Derby Cathedral’s building through a series of photographs from W W Winter’s archive. Established 1852, W W Winter’s, based in Derby, is one of the oldest photographic studio businesses in the UK. Historic negatives of Derby Cathedral have been developed by The Photo Parlour, Nottingham; reimagining the century-old images in the highest quality prints. More info


Djanogly Gallery – Nottingham Lakeside Arts
Scaling the Sublime: Art at the Limits of Landscape
23 March – 17 June
Scaling the Sublime explores the continuing fascination of the landscape Sublime for contemporary artists, reflecting on our relationship with the unimaginable forces of nature. Artists include: Martin John Callanan, Simon Faithfull, Tim Knowles, Mariele Neudecker, Rebecca Partridge, Katie Paterson and Richard T Walker, and is curated by Nicholas Alfrey and Rebecca Partridge. The exhibition is accompanied by an events programme including a panel discussion and symposium with the curators and artists. More info


Nottingham City Museums and Galleries
Lace Unravelled
15 – 16 March

Lace Unravelled will reflect on the multiple perspectives of lace as a product, an industry, and an inspiration for contemporary creativity. A two-day symposium on 15-16 March will bring together curators, lace industry experts, academics and artists. A weekend of activities will follow, including behind the scenes curator tours, lace machine demonstrations and ‘lace walks’ across the City with designer and historian Chris Matthews. Booking is essential.

An exhibition at Newstead Abbey will continue until 22 April, featuring work by artists Joana Vasconcelos, Lucy Brown, Shane Waltener, Joy Buttress and Manolis Papastavrou. More info


Renishaw Hall and Gardens
Brothers in Arts – The Sitwell Passion and Patronage
Tours run from April to end July

Renishaw Hall and Gardens exhibit the rich collection of the brothers of the influential Sitwell ‘Trio’, Osbert and Sacheverell. The Sitwell family’s private collection features an eclectic mix of works from the 1300s up to the present day. These artefacts are re-interpreted by contemporary poets through poetry wall hangings as well as art-specific hall and garden tours examining the estate through the eyes of the artists inspired by Renishaw, including John Piper – the English painter, printmaker and designer – known for his depictions of British landscapes. More info


School of Artisan Food

A Gastronomic Utopia: 7 July

Learning to Eat – A Sharp History: 8 July

Sugar Sculpture: 13 July

Gastronomic experiences were an essential part of The Grand Tour- a cultural trip around Europe for the elite. Join The School of Artisan Food for a series of culinary workshops that recalls the sugar sculptures of the Renaissance, and the 18th century food carriage processions of Naples. Explore the impact of crockery and cutlery on the experiences of dining throughout history. More info


Syson Gallery
Penny Podcasts
Date: 22 Mar – 31 May

Syson Gallery present a programme of ​talks and downloadable podcasts ​investigating​ the provision of ​free access to education, debate and exchange for artists and the general public. Inspired by 18th C​entury coffee houses – often ​referred to as ‘Penny Universities’ – these spaces were considered critical forums for all members of society to exchange ideas, outside of the elite structures of university. In this spirit, Syson Gallery hosts a series of live talks from artists and educators, recorded as ‘The Penny Podcasts’, available to download from the gallery website alongside booking for live events. As part of The Grand Tour journey, at live podcast recordings, Syson Gallery will ​create a coffee house in partnership with artisan chocolatiers, Ottar, serving premium coffee, small bites and high quality chocolate tastings. Artists from the Grand Tour programme will be featured alongside musicians, artisans and other coffee house frequenters. The podcast soundtrack will be produced by experimental /easy electronica band, The Soundcarriers. More info.

University of Nottingham, Manuscripts & Special Collections
Hosiery and Lace: Exploring the Archives
16 May, 2-4pm
In this behind-the-scenes experience, explore the rich collection of hosiery, lace and textile records, held in University of Nottingham’s Manuscripts & Special Collections. The collection celebrates the manufacturing heritage of the East Midlands. See and handle original lace pattern books, samples, advertising material and photographs, as well as learning about how this important collection has been conserved and digitised. More info

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