Linder, Pythia, 2017. Courtesy the artist and Stuart Shave/Modern Art. Devonshire Collection, Chatsworth.

Nottingham Contemporary        

House of Fame

24 March 2018– Sun 24 June 2018

Nottingham Contemporary will open a major exhibition conceived of by the British artist Linder. Titled ‘The House of Fame’, the exhibition will be part retrospective and part constellation of the artist’s influences. A collaboration with Chatsworth, this innovative presentation will join the dots between fashion and collage, surrealism and spiritualism, lace and architecture. Around half of the works in the exhibition will be by Linder, and will span four decades of her work, from photomontage to costume. Other works in ‘The House of Fame’ will be selected by Linder, in conversation with Nottingham Contemporary director Sam Thorne. The exhibition will include more than 100 works by some 50 practitioners, including artists, designers, architects, musicians and photographers.

Linder_ The purest eyes and the neatest hands, 2012

Linder, No lady was ever so brave, 2012, duatrans on lightbox. Courtesy of the artist and Stuart Shave/Modern Art.


Her Grace Land

24 March 2018 – 21 October 2018

The influential British artist Linder Sterling has been welcomed as the inaugural artist-in-residence at Chatsworth House. During her residency, Linder will immerse herself in the life of the estate for six months, experiencing the landscape, changing seasons and everyday lives of those who live and work at Chatsworth. She will create a new image bank to provide a resource for future photomontages as a way of taking Chatsworth ‘out into the world’. Other ideas she is exploring include: producing incense from the aromatic woods and plants on the estate; creating images on textiles in collaboration with fashion designers; recording oral histories, and using the everyday sounds of the house within musical compositions.

 RB211 (ready for test), c.1982, Ray Tootall © Derby Museums

Foundry Scene, 1930-1940, unknown artist © Derby Museums 

Derby Museum & Art Gallery    

The Art of Industry: From Joseph Wright to the 21st Century

24 March – 17 June 2018

Derby Museums’ exhibition The Art of Industry: From Joseph Wright to the 21st Century will explore the interwoven histories of art and industry this exhibition examines both the way that artists view industry and conversely the way that Industry portrays itself. The exhibition charts the change in the artists’ viewpoint from depicting industrial buildings set in sublime landscapes to them becoming ‘dark satanic mills’ and technological power houses reaping havoc on the natural world. Throughout this change in the perception of what a factory is the owners of those factories have portrayed their industries.

Over the last 300 years since the birth of the Industrial Revolution artists have been fascinated by industry and people who work in it. Joseph Wright’s An Iron Forge painted in 1772 and in the collection of Tate, returns to Derby for the first time since the 18th century.  Other artist whose work is exhibited in the exhibition includes Ford Madox Brown, L. S. Lowry, Graham Sutherland and Sir Edwardo Paolozzi.

Clare Twomey 1

Photo Claire Twomey. Location portrait photography: Jeff Gilbert.

The Harley Gallery

Half in Shadow: Half in Light

24 March 2018 – 30 June 2018

The Harley Gallery will collaborate with British artist Clare Twomey to explore life on the historic Welbeck estate through a series of lithophanes, shedding light on hidden worlds and forgotten processes. Welbeck is a place of great beauty and history. ‘Half in Shadow: Half in Light’ reflects the life of the Welbeck estate now through a series of images within the lithophanes – these tell the stories of the contemporary life of the estate and those who live there. At the Welbeck estate there is a world that lives in the present and the future. This future is held in a glow of its past. This relationship is where the work ‘Half in Shadow: Half in Light’ has emanated from.

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