Different Types of Essays You Need to Know

We found that most students don’t understand the differences between the different types of essays. They consider every type of essay the same. And so they follow only one conventional writing style for writing every type of essay which is the wrong method. To write an effective essay and to get goo

d grades in academics, it is very important to know and understand the different types of essays.

As one of the top Essay Writing Services in the United Kingdom, we have prepared this blog. In this blog, we have comprehensively described the four major types of essays. Those are as follows:

Narrative Essays

As the title suggests, narrative essays are about narrating a story or incident (usually a real-life story or incident) based on the facts or things that happened. Sometimes, it is also called creative non-fiction. It is a kind of storytelling. But yes, your point of view also matters in narrative essays while in storytelling it doesn’t matter what you think. That means there are some differences between storytelling and narrative essays.

In narrative essays, we use the pronoun “I” very commonly. We refer to this pronoun throughout the entire essay, especially to connect both ourselves and the reader with the story. The essay format for this type of essay includes a brief introduction, narrative body, and the essence of the story as a conclusion.

Descriptive Essays

Descriptive essays are about painting the picture or showing the movie with words. It is very similar to a narrative essay but has some little differences. These types of essays describe the story as vividly as possible. It describes the story with deep meaning in a descriptive way. While writing a descriptive essay, the writers mainly focus on a particular object, person, place, experience, emotion, situation, etc., and connect them with the readers.

These types of essays are great for students as the more they practice writing descriptive essays the more they become efficient and creative in their writing.

Expository Essays

Expository essays are different from descriptive and narrative essays. These are a piece of informative writing that is written based on facts, stats, and examples. They present a balanced analysis of a particular topic. They are non-creative and non-fiction types of essays. While writing these types of essays, readers must be careful enough to present the facts. Also, for all facts and stats presented in the essay, the writer needs to cite the reference. It is very important.

Expository essays mainly include comparison and contrast essay, the cause and effect essay, and the “how-to” or process essay.

Persuasive Essays Or Argumentative Essays

These types of essays are quite similar to expository essays. However, these present more in-depth information about the topic. The main goal of these types of essays is to convince the readers by presenting the facts, stats, and examples in more detail. They include logical explanations, experts’ opinions, and sound reasoning.

These are the most common types of essays. As a student, you must know about these essays as this will help you in writing effective essays using the right methods and techniques.