Debunking Misconceptions About Assisted Living

There’s going to be a certain point in our lives that we will need assistance in our daily activities. It might not be today, but our elderly loved ones might need it as you are reading this. We have to face the fact that we do have our personal lives to live. While it’s only rational that we do everything in our part to ensure that our elderly loved ones are taken care of, sometimes we might have to leave them alone, especially when we’re busy with business.

For the most part, people will leave their loved ones in nursing homes where they can keep themselves busy with other individuals who are the same age group as they are. Individuals don’t want to be separated from their families and instead choose to stay with their families.

Despite what most people think, there’s a stark difference between assisted living and nursing homes. Although most people assume that both are within the same side of the coin, that’s not entirely true. In essence, assisted living is more focused on taking care of aged individuals through their daily living tasks. On the other hand, as the name suggests, nursing homes are more focused on providing support for those who are terminally ill around the clock. 

Since there are many different misconceptions and misinformation regarding this industry, we must clear up any uncertainty regarding how this business operates. 

What Are the Misconceptions?

But what are some popular pieces of misinformation that most individuals have regarding assisted care? What makes them so believable?

All Assisted Living Spaces Are the Same

First and foremost, not all living spaces are created the same way. Retirement communities are usually meticulously and carefully planned out. As such, you’ll see that there are individuals from all walks of life and every type of culture. 

There’s No More Privacy

There’s a common notion that most people who need to be taken care of will require surveillance 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This idea isn’t entirely the case. The whole assisted living industry revolves around giving individuals the much-needed privacy that they need while still have the care that they deserve. 

Senior citizens will have all the freedom that they had in the same way when they didn’t have any assisted living. Your loved ones will be able to choose from finely-tailored apartments that have their privacy. Like a blank canvas, these seniors will have full control of what they want to do with their apartments, which can give them both much-needed security and privacy.

They Start Losing Their Driving Privileges

Before most assisted living spaces start bringing a person in, the institution will screen and take a reasonable amount of time considering the individual’s history and behavior. If the senior is capable of driving a car, then there’s no reason to take the key away from him. If your loved one wants to get some groceries, have fun at the golf course, or sunbathe at the beach, then they can take their car and go wherever they want. 

It Easily Gets Boring for Them

You’ve probably seen in it in a lot of TV shows: people in assisted living apartments or nursing homes spending hours playing chess, checkers, or bingo. But these types of imagery aren’t entirely right. 

Most of the time assisted living programs will have a variety of different enrichment programs that are tailored to different age groups. Residents of these assisted living programs will be able to learn various activities and hobbies daily. These include stimulating exercises, crafting, useful carpentry, board games, and sporting events. Not only will these keep them mentally sharp, but also physically fit. 

They Will Feel Abandoned

You might be feeling that these seniors will feel alone and abandoned, but in reality, they’re never going to feel alone. Considering there’s a wide variety of different activities that they can do, they won’t have a problem with interacting with anybody. 

In addition to having a lot of people that they can interact with, family members and loved ones can pay a visit, which can make things even more lively.

As you can see, there’s a lot of benefits from letting your loved one stay in an assisted living space. Not only will they be able to meet other people from all walks of life, but they will also be able to foster new hobbies and skills. An assisted living space is never the end of the road, and there are still many things ahead.