How to Choose a Perfect Domain Name by Checking Domain Availability | Tips

When you starting your business then you need an official website to promote your business goal. To develop a website you have to pick a better domain name of your website that easily describes your business. A domain name should be selected which is easy to remember or best suitable for your business promotion. The domain name is an identity of your website so make sure about the name that not only suitable to your business but also easy to find on the search engine.

After choosing a perfect domain name then you have to check their availability by using best domain providers or web host providers sites. They provide you an online searching tool that helps you to check domain availability within a few seconds. If you are not able to select a good domain name then web host providers help you to find out perfect domain name.

In this article, you can easily understand how to pick a good domain name and also check its availability within a few steps. So read carefully, I make sure you really like it and help to take a decision.

Tips to Choose the Best Domain Name

The following tips we are mention help you to find out the way to pick a good website name as per your business need.

So let’s look at the following points:

  1. Short,
  2. Place Keywords,
  3. Target Area,
  4. Don’t use special characters.
  5. Should be famous,
  6. Extension,

1. Short

You have to select a perfect domain name that eases to type and short. If you pick large domain name then your customer may type a wrong word to search your website. That’s why if the domain name is short and easy to type then everyone can easily visit your website and take benefits.

2. Place Keywords

If you taking your domain with keywords then your customer easily understands your website goal. Don’t make your website name without keyword it will lose the chances to rank on search engine while someone types a keyword to get information and your competitor uses a similar keyword then your site not rank properly but your competitor gets rank. It is not a matter of information it just a matter of search result relevance. So select the best keyword of your business and use it into your domain name.

3. Target Area

Make your domain name using the working area of your business. If you are a local business honour and want to rank in the target local area then you can use the local business name into your domain. It will help you remember your domain name and make it easy to search.


4. Don’t use Special Characters & Numbers

Remember that you should never be used any kind of special character or number in your domain name because it is misunderstood by your customer. When your customer hears about your website and doesn’t know that you are using any special character or any number. That the reason they misspelling the domain name then it might decrease your user trust. Therefore make your website name as simple as possible.

5. Should be Famous

When you decide a name to your business site and some people don’t have knowledge about your domain keyword then it is also wrong to your website. You have to find memorable keywords that will help you to get a lot of searches and come visitors regularly. If you hard to find a good name then you can get through the domain providers. They will suggest a better domain name so make your website with the reliable domain name.

6. Get Extension

Extension of a domain is also called Top-Level Domain (TLD) of a website. It places after the end of the second-level domain with dot such as .com, .net, .co, .info, .edu, .org, etc… All are the most usable extension of the domain name that uses according to your needs. Mostly .com are using by many businesses and organisations and gain a lot of trusts by all type of customers. Therefore, you can use any most desirable extension with your domain name and make your website perfect to use.

Best Way to Check your Domain Availability


When decide a domain name to your business website then you have to do only one thing “Check the domain availability”. For this, there are a lot of business tools that easily find the availability of your domain name. Some tools are free or some uses as paid so you can try according to your suitability.

For checking a domain name availability you have to open the best domain provider site or web hosting site. That site has a search bar so you just need to type your domain name and click the search button. After buffering you will get the result. If your domain name is available then you can register it directly on the web hosting site otherwise best relevant option is shown in result. Please visit: StockBitcoin Tech news