Building A Family Through Fertility Treatment

If you’re considering starting a family through fertility treatment next year, there are many important factors to consider. Whether you’ve been going through the process for a while or are totally new to fertility treatments, it’s a good idea to speak to family law solicitors for guidance on family law.

There are many forms of fertility treatment and the process can become complicated quickly. Seeking family help from family lawyers is an effective solution to any concerns that arise. The first step of the process is deciding which fertility treatment options are right for you and family law solicitors can support you during this phase.

Fertility Treatment Options To Help You Grow Your Family

Many people are using assisted reproduction methods to start a loving family. However, because of the pandemic, there has been a massive impact on fertility treatments in 2020. 

Back in March, fertility clinics were shut to comply with the lockdown, but this was very upsetting and difficult for people whose fertility treatments were suspended. Thankfully, fertility treatments resumed in May and since then, safe ways of working have been implemented that have enabled centres to remain open.

In response to the delays to fertility treatments this year, the Department for Health and Social Care announced measures to help those affected. The measures included an extension to the storage time frame for frozen eggs, sperm, and embryos. This meant individuals could extend the storage period for two years.

Fertility treatments are a beautiful opportunity for many people to start a family. However, there are still challenges to the process. For anyone seeking to start a family using fertility treatment, speaking to a family law expert is advised.

Fertility Treatment Challenges

Hopefully, next year the pandemic will be declared over. Even once this is the case, there are still many factors to consider for anyone seeking fertility treatments in the UK. For people in same-sex relationships, conceiving with a donor, or for two people who want to co-parent, they will have to navigate complicated aspects of family law.

Family solicitors can support you through the legal, financial, and emotional stresses of fertility treatment. They can advise you on the legal aspects of the process, which allows you to make informed decisions as you have all the relevant information. As well as expertise in fertility treatments and family law, they offer sensitivity and empathy for you as you go through the process of starting a family.