How Black Friday & Cyber Monday Comes in as Blessing for kid’s digital safety?

We all know that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are right around the corner and everyone is looking forward to getting maximum discount on these two shopping days of the year. People all across the globe love to get discounts on their shopping items in the current pre-Christmas season. So, in my opinion, Black Friday and Cyber Monday come in as a blessing for the people that cannot buy so many things for their loved ones, friends, and family members, for themselves as well.

Additionally, parents on the other hand always used to forget to buy things that are related to the online safety of the children. Parents always remain their focus on buying a thing on maximum discounts, dozens of costumes in particular, and plenty of other items and goods for the children. However, one thing they always used to forget is to get things related to the digital parenting of the children.

Why digital parenting or the safety of children is important?

Since mobile phone technology has been penetrated among the masses and today we are living in the digital age of the internet. Today, cellphone devices are important for everyone and most of us have digital citizenship. Furthermore, mobile phone technology is widely spread among the young generation over the last decade and they are addicted to their smartphones and tablets connected to cyberspace.

Young teens and kids these days are facing digital nightmares because of their blind usage of internet browsing activities, presence on multiple social media profiles and addiction with the mobile phone and internet features.

The contemporary smartphones and internet are making kids and teens obsessed with the activities such as text messaging on the social messaging app, and on the cellular network of a phone. Additionally, youngsters do chat conversations, share multimedia online in terms of photos, videos to strangers. Furthermore, the social media usage among teens leading them towards the cyber dangers and today we can say that cell phone technology is working as Pied piper against kids.

How cell phone a pied piper for kids?

The Hamelin Pied piper was the one who hypnotized young kids of the town and taken them far away from the town. Today, mobile phone technology happens to be the same it has obsessed the young kids, tweens and teens with multiple cellphone devices with different specs, models, and internet connection. Today teens are making online friends and getting involved in relationships and hookups online. Always seems busy in online activities and doesn’t bother what is happening in real –life. Don’t talk so much with friends and family members even when they are sitting on the dinner or breakfast tables. Teens also harbour sexual fantasies and get access to adult content by doing browsing activities on cell phones. Teens these days often trapped by strangers and cyber predators like cyberbullies, stalkers and sexual predators. Let’s make sure kids and teens safety with respect to the upcoming weekend that is not just a weekend but I would say a blessing for the teens and kids online safety.

Make sure teens & kids online safety on

If you are concerned parents about the teens and kids cyber safety then gone are the days when you have to go to the web and you used to lose your Monday and time. Now you can get a 90% to 50% discount on cell phone monitoring software on this upcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend. New users would get the maximum discount and the old user will be able to save 50%. Simply you need to get subscription online and then get access to the kid’s and teens’ digital devices. Moreover, you just need to get physical access on the target phone and end up with the process of installation. Additionally, you can use the web control panel and get to know each and every single activity happen on the targeted device. Furthermore, you can remotely control inappropriate activities of children such as text messaging, cell phone calls and access to the internet on the cell phone that is the mother of all evils.


Black Friday and Cyber Monday have come up with the maximum discount prices on the weekend. So, parents don’t ignore child online safety this weekend. Always prefer a kid’s safety online over goods.