Best Ways To Save Money During Your Move

Moving across the state or town may be a fascinating adventure that you can undertake. However, it may also be stressful in terms of budgeting. Research indicates that the cost of moving can be between $80-$100 for an hour if you’re relocating within the state, and about $2000 to $5000 when relocating to another state.

According to moving professionals at BRS Moving & Storage, you can’t avoid some costs but can save cash in some areas. This article gives some best tips that you can use to save money when moving.

Hire Movers At Strategic Times

When hiring a moving company, you can save money by asking them to move you out of your home during off-seasons. It’s cheaper to move during weekdays because of the few numbers of people relocating during such days. According to the CEO of Bellhops, LukeMarklin, Wednesdays, Tuesdays, and Mondays are the cheapest ways to schedule moving.

It’s also vital to avoid the last weekends of the month because they’re the busiest and most expensive. Also, moving between fall and spring may be expensive because they’re busy. However, this may depend on the moving season in your locality. Generally, you may save 20-30% if you move on less busy days.

Source For Moving Items

The cost of buying moving supplies like bubble wrap, boxes, tape, and padding can be very expensive. Instead of spending money on these items, thinking outside the box may help you. Before you decide to buy a packing material, ensure that you’ve correctly utilized the space in your baskets, hampers, and suitcases. Also, instead of using bubble wrap, you can use socks and towels to cushion delicate items.

If you discover that you need boxes, hit up big-box retailers or local businesses, and ask them for old boxes. Alternatively, your neighbors and friends can also give you boxes they’re not using. Depending on the number of items you’re moving, you may end up saving up to $400.

Ship Books

If you have a library of many books, you can transport them to your new residence easily by shipping. Books can consume a lot of space than you think because they don’t collapse and aren’t foldable. Apart from that, they may also be cumbersome.

The United States Postal Service (USPS) can help you move your books and free up space in your moving cars and track. The USPS provides a service known as media mail that allows individuals to ship media, including books, cheaply than the standard costs.

Speak With Your Internet, Utility, And Cable Providers

Double-paying for your utilities, rent, internet, and cable in two different locations can be costly. Fortunately, you can avoid it. Therefore, it’s advisable to align the start and end dates for accounts by calling your service providers and discussing proration. You may also take advantage of cable and internet companies’ new account offers in your new location.Some may even wave their cost for you if they notice that you have a history of timely payments elsewhere.

The Bottom Line

Don’t wait to have a lot of money if you want to move because you can do so even on a tight budget. If you follow these tips, you’ll end up saving a lot of moving expenses.