Ballooning over Bagan

Summer is one of the most appreciated seasons by a lot of people in the world because it is the best time to make memories during holiday period and the trips. If you are in the situation of thinking where to plan the next holiday after  summer passes, you should find out that Asia has a lot to offers when it comes to touristic spots. Especially the ancient city of Bagan which stands as one of the most popular and appreciated places by all the tourists.

The activity that everyone does there, ballooning over Bagan is considered a unique experience that you should feel at least once in your life. The largest temple complex in Asia offers some of the best views in the entire world for amateurs, tourists or for professional photographers who want to capture a breathtaking picture. Of course, you have the possibility as a tourist to see all the temples by walking by between them and admire their details closer, but it is a much better option to see all of them from above.

The ballooning season starts from October 10th and finishes on April 10th and there are a lot of months when you have the possibility to visit Bagan and have one of the most wonderful experiences. Usually, the balloon ride is scheduled in the morning. That is the moment when the light is so clear and soft and will give you the possibility to admire the view in a very detailed way and permits the photographers to take the best shots. Also, the cold air of mornings in Bagan will give the balloon the possibility to float closer to the city and this is how you can see admire them from a closed position.

Started as a business in 2013, Myanmar ballooning activities got such a good reputation over the years and became on of the most popular touristic spots and recommendation lately. Having this good qualification, it is compulsory that the tourists who want to plan their holiday there and have a balloon ride to book it in advance because the spots are getting filled up very quickly.

Being a specialized and professional balloon ride operators, their team was established almost 20 years ago with one pilot and a few crewmembers. They all have been well-trained and experienced in this kind of activity and this is the reason why it grew up over the past years.

Book your balloon ride now to feel the most powerful experience of flying using hot air and take your best shots at the same time. This kind of thing will make the best memories to keep with you over the years, but not only these because at the end of the ride you will receive the ballooning certificate which will stay with you forever.