Arizona vacation in December

If you want to escape cold weather and snow, you could head down to Arizona in December, where you can find warmer weather and plenty of sunshine. The desert part of Arizona come alive from November to March, and you can enjoy outdoor activities without the relentless summer heat. Arizona is also a great place to celebrate Christmas with the Christmas market and extraordinary light show in almost every town.

Before packing your bags for Phoenix airport, you should acquire Visa ESTA if you are a foreign tourist. The US administration issues this travel authorization, and it is available for visitors from countries in the Visa Waiver program. You can apply online and answer a detailed questionnaire. Once you get the approval, you are eligible to enter the US for two years.

Hiking in Arizona in December

Not every place in Arizona has great weather in December. Some mountain regions have snow and colder temperatures. Most of the trails are open throughout the year, and areas with poor weather in winter like Grand Canyon will grant you fewer crowds so that you can enjoy the natural spectacle alone.

Another incredible natural sight is Bell Rock, and there is a moderate Pathway Trail 4 miles in length. Bell Rock is an iconic American symbol, and it is close to Sedona. This high-altitude destination has many great hiking trails, but you could encounter some challenging weather.

Another excellent nearby trail is the Bear Mountain Trail. The rating on this hiking route is difficult because of the altitude differenceof over 1,800 feet. A 2.3-mile hike will get you to the top of Bear Mountain, where you will have a spectacular view.

Soldier Pass Trail will lead you in Red Rock wilderness. It is a 2.5 miles roundtrip starting in urban space and going through Oak Creek Canyon. Amazing views are guaranteed.

Robbers Roost Trail is close to the Village of Oak Creek, and the highlight is the cave that was supposedly used to spot robbers in the time of the Wild West. The views along 2.5 miles hike will be just like in classic western movies.

San Tan Mountain Regional Park is just an hour away from Phoenix, and it has many trails. You can go on a moderate Moonlight Trail with only 1.5 miles roundtrip, where you will find beautiful desert landscape combined with hilly paths.

Weather in Arizona in December

Arizona is a large state with several climate regions. While the southern part of the country has a desert climate with scorching summers and mild weather in the winter, northern mountainous parts have more pleasant summer temperatures and cold winters with plenty of snowfall. There are even several ski resorts close to Flagstaff, Alpine, and Tucson.

If you are visiting Phoenix and the desert part, the weather is perfect for exploring the landscape’s stunning natural beauty.

Christmas Arizona

Arizona is a great place to enjoy the Christmas spirit, and if you are looking for snow first stop should be Flagstaff. Situated in the San Francisco Mountains, you can head to the Arizona Snowbowl for a day at a ski resort, check out the North Pole Experience and Santa’s Workshop. Winter also brings the Snowflake Festival.

Phoenix does not have the snow, but it does offer desert ice skating, a four-story musical tree, and a light parade. At nighttime, go to the Fashion Square Mall and visit the Trees Festival and its magical atmosphere.

Sedona is another great town for the Christmas holidays. Surrounded bythe red rock covered in snow dust, you can go to Tinsel Town light show in the Posse Grounds Park. Head down to Glendale, where town decorators light up 1.5 million Christmas lights every year.

Prescott Resort Gingerbread Village

You can find a unique and sweat Christmas spirit in Prescott, where a local resort makes the largest Gingerbread Village in the world every year. A long tradition of Christmas villages came alive in its gingerbread shape with small hoses, town buildings, and other ginger-made models on a small scale, attracting thousands of visitors every year.

Naturally, if you are visiting from Europe, you will need to get ESTA approval. The administration usually takes three days to resolve the application. The best advice is to get the paperwork ready before making the itinerary for a December route through Arizona’s beautiful state.

Bottom line

The Cooper State can give you winter relief in the desert parts of southern Arizona. Mild winter, lots of sunshine, and numerous attractions are perfect for outdoor adventure. National and State park has stunning natural beauty and hundreds of miles of well-maintained hiking trails. Northern parts of the state have great ski resorts and the natural world wonder of the Grand Canyon. You can also visit parts of the historic Route 66. Arizona is an excellent choice for Christmas celebrations with themed attractions dedicated to this holiday in every town.