All Details about Realme Beard Trimmer Plus

Realme has expanded its product portfolios in India. The company has launched Realme Beard Trimmer and other hair-related products. The new devices are available through Flipkart and are also available in the Realme website. All products are available in the Realme website starting from July 5, 2021. 

Realme Beard Trimmer carries a price tag starting from Rs 1,299. The beard trimmer plus is also available a price of Rs 1,999. The former comes within the range of 10mm combs with a range of 0.5 mm. This blog aims to talk about all details about Realme Beard Trimmer Plus and its specifications. 

Realme is IPX7 rated with the best water-resistant. The duo is backed by the best battery of 800mAh and is claimed to offer 120-150 minutes of battery life. These come with a USB Type C charging port. Both these models operate at less than 68db of sound. Another feature of these trimmers is is Travel Lock. 

While users have not had the opportunity to try out the hairdryer, the trimmer seems quality and has been replaced with the old Phillips one. The overall build quality and the convenience of the Type-C connection are the primary reasons for me to switch to it. 

With its beard trimmers and hairdryer, Realme has lately entered the personal grooming industry. The new hair dryer comes with V-O flame retardant ABS and PC with high-grade material with comprehensive as well as deeper care. The hair is more comprehensive and an important element. 

The Realme beard trimmer Plus looks and feels like a basic trimmer with a frilly design with no sonic defect. It is to design and build with qualitative and feel flimsy at all. The top-bottom of the 

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