It is normal to feel hungry or experience low energy levels between work periods, which is where snacks come into power you to your next meal. There are plenty of on-the-go snacks for adults, from ready-to-eat options to homemade recipes. Many snack foods usually have high levels of refined carbs and sugars and are low in nutrients like proteins and fiber, which is not suitable if you are looking for long-lasting energy. When looking for snacks to power you through the day, you want to avoid that. Here are some healthy snacks on the go for adults.

Premade energy balls

If you are looking for healthy snacks in India, premade energy balls are one of the best. Since making energy balls at home can be tiring and time-consuming, you can buy premade ones. Energy balls have a unique blend of whole, nutrient-dense ingredients such as nuts, seeds, fruits, and coconut to keep you rejuvenated until your next meal. They come in several flavors, including peanut-free ones if you don’t like peanuts.


You may know granola as a breakfast cereal, but it is also a healthy snack for boosting your energy levels during work. It comprises nuts, rolled oats, fruits, seeds, grains, and honey, making it a tasty snack. It is usually crunchy, sweet, and satisfying, and there are several ways to enjoy it. You can sprinkle some on top of yogurt or ice cream or mix it with hot water or milk to make a nourishing snack that will energize you.


The best thing about popcorn is that it is a whole grain making it one of the healthiest snacks. You can make popcorn with olive oil and add some dried spices or herbs for a tasty treat. Herbs like parmesan and rosemary make a good combination with popcorns.

Dark chocolate covered almonds

Dark chocolate-covered almonds are healthy grab-and-go snacks to buy if you crave a sweet taste in your mouth. Although reaching out for sweet chocolate is not the best choice for your health, you can opt for nutritious chocolate options like those combined with almonds and other nuts. That provides you with proteins, fiber, and healthy fats to energize you during your day.

Nut butter packets

Nut butter packets are easy on-the-go snacks and are an excellent combination of fruits and vegetables. Since munching on veggies and fruits alone is not enough to keep you full, pairing them with nut butter packets provides more calories for energy. Opt for nut butter packets without added oil or sugar.

Last words

Granola, nut butter packets, popcorns, dark chocolate-covered almonds, and premade energy balls are some of the healthiest grab-and-go snacks to buy.