3 Major Risks of Leaving Your Garden Table Uncovered

Seeing your garden furniture, especially if it’s a butterfly garden table being damaged by the external elements is heartrending. The harm caused by dust, dirt, storm, rain, or snow is irreversible, and buying new sets of furniture is heavy on your wallet.

According to an article published on Huffpost.com, before you invest in any outdoor furniture, understand the functionality first. Are you looking for barbeque dining, chilling out with friends savoring food or wine, or just an outdoor space for family gatherings?

Then, you need to protect your garden table and chairs from damage due to the following hazards related to external elements. Read on to learn more.

1. Dirt, dust, and leaves

When you have your garden table and chairs under a huge tree, leaves and twigs will fall on them. Then, when you clean up your outdoor space, dirt and dust will stick to your garden furniture. It implies that you will have to wipe your tables and chairs before every use, which is tiring. Again, dirt or dust may stick in the cracks, especially if you have wicker chairs and table in your garden.

Your outdoor furniture may also collect pollen, especially, during spring. Therefore, you need outdoor furniture covers to protect expensive tables and chairs from the elements. You need to cut back on cleaning time and invest in garden table covers instead so that you have more time in relaxing with your family or friends under the open sky, dining, chatting and unwinding.

2. Moisture damage

You never know when there would be a heavy downpour and therefore, you should be proactive in protecting your garden table from moisture damage. You would not like to sit on a wet chair, especially if it is cushioned, or like your food served on a moist table.

When after spells of rain, the water on your garden table and chairs leaves ugly stains. You can always remove these water stains, but the method is heavy on your wallet and cumbersome. So you understand how important furniture covers are for your butterfly garden chairs, table, benches, etc.

3. Tree sap, bird droppings, and insects

If you have a garden with lots of trees, bird droppings, tree sap, and insects are some of the major threats to your garden furniture. Bird droppings and tree sap make your outdoor furniture look unsightly, especially on tables and chairs. Your long-awaited desire to have an outdoor barbeque lunch is ruined by such things.

Insects, critters, and rodents are another menace to your garden furniture. Who likes the sight of squirrel droppings on your expensive outdoor table? As far as squirrels are concerned, they like to chew leaving your garden table, chairs, cushions, and throw pillows in a mess. Squirrels chew your cushions that allow critters to create burrows inside, which is troublesome. Fret not. You can always buy the best quality table covers for your garden that come affordable. Keep at least two sets of covers for each piece of garden furniture.


Opt for garden table covers of varied styles, sizes, shapes, and colors. Protect your outdoor furniture to make them last longer.