14 Creating Video Content for Your Company Is fun with These 6 Tools

Creating video content is essential for marketing your products across the digital platform. These offer you the perfect platform to showcase your talent and thereby reach out to the audience with your content. But making engaging and eye-pleasing video content isn’t an easy game for every user.

Instead, you need to get appropriate layouts and content every time to get back to your audience. But the entire ballgame has seen a massive change due to the availability of editing applications like a slideshow maker.

These applications come with a user-friendly interface and offer you decent ways to formulate the best video content for marketing purposes. In case you are new to this editing world, here are some essential information and great tools for your reference:


The next one up for discussion here is Animoto. It is a common name you get to hear quite often in the industry, as this one is one of the best editing tools available around. It is an easy to use content creator, which helps the user formulate beautiful videos for friends and families.

Along with the fantastic features, the company has recently introduced the marketing video builder to the world. It works seamlessly and helps you to create layouts and add media pretty quickly. It might lack slightly on the template side, but it can optimize the text and add recordings and music as per your preferences.

Not only that, you can add these, but you can potentially control the optimization of these editing features to the fullest as per your choices. You can also create video collages or even split the screens with the photos or videos shared along with your choices’ texts.


Do you want to get an easy tool to formulate videos for marketing products without any complications? Then, refer to the Wideo application or editing tool, one of the easiest ones available for beginners in the market. 

The templates available on this platform are superbly easy to use and do not require any specific expertise. But that doesn’t mean you won’t be gathering knowledge or experience from using such a tool. It generally means that you would be able to use their templates to create appropriate content and master the skills over time.

Drag and drop the editing elements as per your convenience, and you are set to use the editing tool to create such fantastic video content for your platform. You also get a lot of video editing customizations that can help you create original content without any complications.


If you are looking for ways to update your editing game and that too for free, then InVideo is the ultimate application for you. It is a video creation tool that is meant for digital marketing purposes. It is ideal for websites and social media postings. And as you get to use it for free, it is worth your effort and time.

Why? Also, in the case of this tool, you can create and formulate your content and audio, graphics, texts, and many more. Video creation becomes a tad easier with this tool as you get to use the professionally designed motion graphic templates here.

You get around 350 and more templates to choose from for your videos. You also get access to Videoblocks collection, which covers over half a million stock media files. It also includes more graphics, audio, and photo files for your benefits. 

And all these benefits at no additional cost as well. So, you can use this tool precisely to design video advertisements, logo introductions and reveals, digital media videos, promotional videos, etc. You can use this just as you use a video collage maker like this one here.


Biteable is another online animation creating an application that is meant for beginners. Although it offers you a plethora of options to try out, yet it is one of the best tools available for the starters. If you want to brush your skills with hassle-free editing templates, then this is the application to check out. 

From hundreds of animated scenes to live-action videos and photos, you get it all here right under the roof to use in your videos without any hesitation. This tool is famous among content creators because it lets you keep your uniqueness intact.

That means you get to create unique content each time with your customized texts, audio, pictures, and many more such features. And to add to this, you also get to select the perfect audio for your clips from their library without any delay.

No more looking for any other editing tools for creating attractive presentations and infographic videos for your company as this application is right here to help you. You can also use this editing tool to create logo animations, advertisements, slideshows, and much more such content quite smoothly. 


Another essential tool for your editing purposes is Powtoon. It is ideal for creating videos and comes with ready-made templates. It lets the users easily customize the content with the availability of the drag and drop feature.

And so, with such a feature, you can create content even within a few minutes or so. You get to create content for all sorts of applications, even for social media, email, and promotional purposes.


The last one on the list is the Kizoa. It is a movie maker and the video editor that you have been eyeing for so long. It comes with additional features that assist the creator in creating engaging and attractive videos without any complications.

You can choose from dozens of customizable templates to formulate your video from scratch. You also get a vast selection range to select effects and animations, and even GIFs. The availability of the GIF-creator helps you to create a new one instantly.

Final Words

No matter your agenda, creating decent videos is essential for marketing your products on the digital platform. And you need to find the appropriate template, layout, audio, and many such aspects to create such content for your audience. What of these editing tools have you recently used to create content for your social media profile?